KILL SCRIPT shares captivating new techno twofer, ‘VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT’

KILL SCRIPT shares captivating new techno twofer, ‘VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT’Killscript Pr Shot

KILL SCRIPT is once again returning to California-based label NIGHTMODE for his new EP, VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT. Featuring two intoxicating tech cuts, “Genome Dial” and “Degrade Reflection,” KILL SCRIPT brings listeners into a darker space that makes apropos meaning of the EP’s name.

“Genome Dial” features a hard-hitting bass line that remains the backbone of the track from start to finish, while “Degrade Reflection” contains a slightly softer feel while maintaining KILL SCRIPT’s gritty style. Aligned with KILL SCRIPT’s previous releases, VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT acts as the soundtrack to the artist’s ongoing sci-fi narrative. Following his debut EP, FIRST CONTAKT, VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT tells the story of scientists studying the past, with “Genome Dial” acting as the soundtrack to an experiment used to restore fallen forests while “Degrade Reflection” acts as a reflection on how society fell to ruin.

Listen to KILL SCRIPT’s latest below.

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