‘Knockout City’s’ first year roadmap reveals a new map and more

EA has released the roadmap for Knockout City’s first year which details what fans can expect from the online dodgeball brawler.

In the latest Knockout City Chronicle update, EA are promising a new map, a new special ball and three special events for Season 2. New Season Contracts and five new Playlists will also be added. Players who regularly complete Daily Contracts and Crew Contracts will receive big XP bonuses.

This week’s current reward for completing at least 4 weekly Crew Contracts is the SHARK ATTACK Epic Crew Vehicle.

Another new feature will be a new Daily Login Bonus. Players will receive random reward every day you play, which could be Style Chips, Holobux, or Energy Drinks.

Knockout City Year 1 Roadmap
Knockout City Roadmap Image Credit: EA

A new item was also added to the Brawl Shop today (June 28). Players can now purchase the Glitterbomb head to add glitter make-up to their character.

A new Legendary head will also be made available on July 3 that is heavily implied to be the face of the mysterious Secret Balloon Man – whose identity will be revealed in a developer’s Twitch stream tomorrow (June 29).

Currently, Knockout City is just under halfway through its current special event Heatwave. The Chronicle update also encourages players to spend any tickets gained before it ends on July 5 before they’re lost forever.

Since its release back in May 2021, Knockout City racked up over 5million players in 2 weeks. Developed by Velan Studios, the team behind Super Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, Knockout City mixes the gameplay of dodgeball with the aesthetics of Nintendo’s ink-based team shooter Splatoon.

In other news, a new free game Spookware has been made available for download that mashes up the quick tempo gameplay of WarioWare with a range of spooky horror movie tropes