Listen to Nas Diss Tupac on Rare, Unearthed Track From the ’90s

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A lost Nas gem was recently uploaded to YouTube.

Last month, a YouTube page titled Unreleased Nas posted a really cool artifact. On June 16th, the page uploaded a track called “Real Niggaz’ which featured a It Was Written-era Nas taking shots at Tupac. On his verse, Nas raps:

“From tube socks in Timbs to blue rocks and Benz. Who got the ends, the type of nigga Tupac pretends. To all niggaas who shine, guess who got revenge. won’t showboat, my flow choke you.”

It’s not clear when the song first resurfaced but it’s not well known.

During the last couple of years of his life, Tupac was taking shots at everyone, from the Notorious B.I.G. to Mobb Deep. It was long rumored that Nas was going to be on that list. Nas and the two met backstage at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards just days before Tupac would be killed in Las Vegas. Nas recalled the meeting on his God’s Son track “Last Real Nigga Alive.” But over the years more details have been revealed about that meeting.

In an interview with Ebro In The Morning last year, Nas spoke about the meeting. He said:

“[Tupac] was in New York and there was a lot of tension flaring,” he said. “Where I was coming from really wasn’t an all love place ‘cause there was a rumor Makaveli [was] coming out, so I really wanted to check the temperature with him,” he continued, explaining that he’d heard Tupac had been dissing him at some live shows.

He also said:

“It was necessary for us to address the situation … We had to step to our business… We had a great convo … He thought I was dissing him on the song ‘The Message.’”

That meeting occurred on September 4th. Tupac would die nine days later. Tupac’s The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory would come out two months later and that album would feature the iconic Nas diss “Against All Odds.”

Check out “Real Niggas” below.