Lupe Fiasco And Royce Da 5’9″ Begin “Feud” With Lengthy Diss Tracks

Elijah C. Watson

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Lupe Fiasco And Royce Da 5'9" Begin "Feud" With Lengthy Diss TracksLupe Fiasco And Royce Da 5'9" Begin "Feud" With Lengthy Diss Tracks

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Who won the first round — Lupe Fiasco or Royce da 5’9″?

Lupe Fiasco and Royce da 5’9″ have begun a playful feud with each other.

It all began late last week, when Royce was on Instagram Live with Young Guru, Loaded Lux, and Murda Mook, with all four talking about a battle between Royce and Lupe. During the Live, Lupe joined and jokingly asked why people keep bringing up a battle between him and Royce, to which Guru responded by asking Lupe to do a URL battle with Royce.

“I’m not really interested in battling Royce but don’t get it f**ked up. That don’t mean I won’t cook ni**as if ni**as keep pushing buttons,” Lupe said. “I don’t wanna do that s**t personally but if you wanna make a professional fool of your motherf**king self running up against a demon, go ‘head.”

“Who you talking to?” Royce said in response as he and Lupe went back and forth, with the former telling the latter, “Get in the motherf**king ring then b**ch if you got a motherf**king problem. Who you think you f**king talking to, ni**a? You playing too much. Take some of that bass out your voice.”

Fast forward to this week, and Royce fired the first shot of the round with a track titled “Silence of the Lambda.” The diss track runs at almost seven minutes and finds Royce going at Lupe right from the jump.

“Your flow is redundant, I’ll separate your body from soul, now your body is cold, spiraling out of control, now you’re over there, body odor is pungent, for coming out of your body over assumptions,” Royce declares in the opening of the track.

Hours after Royce released “Silence of the Lambda,” Lupe dropped “Steve Jobs (SLR 3 1/2),” an equally lengthy and scathing track.

“Your songs are immemorable, your verses are impenetrable, I ain’t even listen to that diss record, I only f**k with you because of your interviews,” Lupe raps at one point, while telling Royce that he wishes the Detroit rapper was taken instead of Biz Markie.

Despite the bars directed at each other, Royce and Lupe are friends. The pair just released a recent episode of their podcast series The Lupe & Royce Show. But there’s no denying it’s a treat seeing the two go back and further at each other. Hopefully, this won’t be the only round Royce and Lupe have for their “feud.”