Martin Lawrence & Eddie Murphy’s Kids Are Dating

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Martin Lawrence eddie Murphy kidsMartin Lawrence eddie Murphy kids

Photo Credit: Jasmin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence’s daughter and Eddie Murphy’s son are creating a Life for themselves.

Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence are two of the greatest comedians of all time. They are also good friends and great collaborators, starring in classic movies like Boomerang and Life. Now they have another connection — their children are dating.

Last week, fans noticed an Instagram post that Jasmin Lawrence, the oldest daughter of Martin Lawrence, posted. It was a happy birthday post for Eric Murphy, the oldest son of Eddie Murphy. Fans noticed the post and the language used — “my love!” —  and realized the children of the two legends are dating.

 In the post she wrote:

 “Happy birthday, my love! I’m so incredibly blessed to know you, to love you, and to have you by my side… Cheers to many more blessings, laughs, and beautiful memories! I love you so much!!”

 Now, this isn’t the couple making their Instagram debut. Eric had a post dedicated toward Jasmine, who is a Duke University graduate, a couple of weeks ago.

At 32, Eric is Eddie Murphy’s oldest child. (Murphy had 10 children; Eric’s mother is  Paulette McNeely.) While Jasmine, who is 25 and a Duke Graduate, is the oldest of three. Her mother is Patricia Southall.

Earlier this year, Eddie Murphy talked about his kids and how much he appreciated them. (Murphy’s daughter Bella had a role in Coming 2 America.) He told the Mirror, “I am so blessed with my kids. I don’t have one bad seed… My kids are so great, normal people — and nobody is like the Hollywood jerk kid… My kids are smart and are trying to do stuff. I am blessed with my kids. I really, really got lucky.”