Marvel’s Benedict Wong gives update on ‘Doctor Strange 2’

Benedict Wong has given an update on the status of Marvel‘s Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

Speaking in a new interview, the actor, who is set to reprise his role as Wong in the upcoming superhero sequel alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen, shared a few new details about the film and what it’s been like working with director Sam Raimi.

“It’s a cracking script,” Wong told Collider. “And now, having Sam Raimi involved has been a really wonderful experience. He’s such a fantastic director and [a] lovely, lovely man. He’s just such fun to work with.”

Wong also explained how the filming process differs this time around in comparison to the first movie, which was directed by Scott Derrickson. He revealed that Raimi, known for his work on the Spider-Man and Evil Dead franchises, is big on improvisation.

“I like throwing alts, and he likes them, so we just have a bit of a laugh,” Wong said. “I just throw anything at the wall, and sometimes it will fall down and sometimes it’ll stick. It’s amazing, the creative process.

Sam Raimi
Sam Raimi. CREDIT: Getty Images

“As long as you’re not afraid to throw something at the wall, it might be right or it might be wrong, but we’re all just trying to make something here. We’re having a lot of fun. We’re finishing that off in September, so we’re nearly there.”

In addition to Doctor Strange 2, Wong will also appear in Marvel’s Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings, due out September 3.

Speaking to SYFY Wire about his role in Shang-Chi, Wong said: “You know, I’m super thrilled… to be sat at a table of Asian excellence, it was amazing. I’m a big fan of all of those artists. Tony Leung [Chiu-wai] is a massive idol of mine. So it’s been constant surprises, that’s what [the role of Wong] gives me.”

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