‘Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’ infographic shows off player choices

An infographic from BioWare has shown off all the different decisions players have made in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition since the game launched earlier this year.

The information was put up on the official Mass Effect twitter account, and it divides player decisions like most popular squadmate, who was rescued on Virmire, and the squadmates most likely to survive Mass Effect 2’s suicide mission (the answer is Garrus, it’s always Garrus).

Quite surprisingly Mordin is the least likely to survive the sucide mission, with Tali just in front of him. Four per cent of players were also completely heartless and decided to exile Tali from the Quarians, whilst 96 per cent of players cured the genophage instead of sabotaging it.

Mass Effect player choice
Mass Effect infographic. Credit: BioWare

All six of the original Mass Effect’s squadmates were also ranked in accordance with how popular they were with players, Garrus and Tali are (rightfully) in first and second place, with Ashley and Kaiden trailing along at the back.

When creating their Shepard, 68 per cent of players went with male, and the other 32 per cent went with female. Over half of players said they were earthborn, with 44 per cent picking the ‘survivor’ psychological profile.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition screenshot
Mass Effect Credit: EA

The infographic also found that 100 per cent of players “spent way too long looking for the last keeper which they swear they scanned already!” and that most punch the reporter in the face, instead of addressing them with “candor and grace”.

Talk of Mass Effect being adapted to film resurfaced again recently, as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition project director Mac Walters saying it is “not a matter of if, but when.”

In other news, the developer of the built-in PS5 title Astro’s Playroom is currently hiring for an all-new “3D action game”, according to a LinkedIn post.