Massive ‘Sims 4’ update and details of two new kits announced

EA has today announced details of two new clothing kits, and a massive update for The Sims 4 that brings new colourways to Build Mode items.

The Sims 4 will be getting a huge update this evening (September 21) which will add over 1,200 variants to 149 base game items. The full list is available here, but in general it includes new colourways for many types of furniture, which is something Sims fans have been asking for for years.

Many of the clashing wood varieties have been aligned to match, so Simmers can mix and match furniture in Build Mode with ease. There are also new colours for windows, cabinets, curtains, and flooring.

Fashion Street Kit in The Sims 4. Image credit: EA/Maxis
Fashion Street Kit in The Sims 4. Image credit: EA/Maxis

The update also includes some changes to career outfits, making them more appropriate for the career level a Sim is currently at. This is far from the only outfit change, however, as two of the new kits for The Sims 4 have also been officially announced to centre around clothing.

In celebration of the two kits, titled Fashion Street and Incheon Arrivals, free clothing and hairstyle options – as well as a henna tattoo – have been added to the base game.

The Fashion Street Kit is “inspired by the trendsetting designs of Mumbai”, using rich colours and high-contrast patterns. The kit will include bangles, sparkling jewellery, and streetwear in flowing fabrics, alongside nose rings, sandals, and wrap skirts.

Incheon Arrivals takes its inspiration from “iconic Seoul airport fashion”, introducing contemporary Korean dress into the game. The focus is on clean, minimalist designs, with long flowing coats and closely tailored fits.

Both packs will be available from October 5 to anyone with the base game installed.

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