Microsoft announces extensive new accessibility features for Xbox

In a 40 minute showcase, Microsoft announced that it is adding a series of new accessibility features to the Xbox range in the coming months.

The series of plans include improvements to all things Xbox, such as the Microsoft Store, the Xbox app on PC, Xbox Game Pass apps, and

The Microsoft Store for Xbox will receive a new accessibility panel for each game listing. It’s designed to make it easier for players to find games that include certain accessibility features. 20 accessibility tags will be supported including ones for Narrated Game Menus, Input Remapping, as well as Single Stick Gameplay options. Developers will need to follow specific rules to be able to use the tags so that information remains accurate.

Starting out, the accessibility tags will be available via the Xbox Accessibility Insiders League from today with the feature expanding to all things Xbox in the coming months.

In conjunction, there will be a new Accessibility spotlight page on the Microsoft Store app for Xbox. This will highlight games that offer “numerous accessibility feature tags” and “have been recognised by the Gaming & Disability community”.

In the meantime, this may be the ideal time to check out the Accessible Games Database for more details on accessibility features, with the database having just launched.

Microsoft Xbox Series
Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S. Credit: Microsoft

Other changes include Quick Settings which will make it easier to toggle accessibility features without leaving a game or app. There will also be improved colour filters for Xbox Series X|S users which will benefit those with colourblindness or colour vision deficiency.

Recently, Microsoft announced it was testing out a new night mode which should also help many users.

The games giant also plans on introducing globalised speech-to-text and text-to-speech chat settings. Halo Infinite was also highlighted during the showcase with plenty of accessibility features to come when it launches in December.

More details are available on a blog post but expect to be able to adjust a significant amount of Halo Infinite‘s UI to improve accessibility.

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