NME Radio Roundup 26 July 2021: Lorde, Syd, Clairo, Logic1000 and more


‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’

Following her return with the joyously sunny ‘Solar Power’, Lorde contemplates her anxieties on ‘Stoned at the Nail Salon’. Lorde has explained that the song is “a rumination on getting older, settling into domesticity, and questioning if you’ve made the right decisions”, with these honest queries accompanied by understated, folksy guitars and stunning, sparse production. – Isaac Chiew

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Steady bass and reverb-drenched snares ground the seductive new Syd single ‘Fast Car’. The Internet singer’s awe-inspiring voice and the track’s atmospheric synths come together to create a slice of pure euphoria. “I wanted to make something for the gay Black girls,” she said of the single in a press release. “I want them to see themselves in this and in me.” – IC

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On the B List



The second track on Clairo’s second LP, ‘Sling’, ‘Amoeba’ is a slinky slice of nostalgia-flecked pop. Boasting a killer cathartic chorus and bouncing funk grooves, it sees her honestly dissect her actions, as she admits: “You haven’t called your family twice/I can hope tonight goes differently/But I show up to the party just to leave”. – IC

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Quickly locking into a hypnotic house groove, Logic1000’s ‘YourLove’ combines the kinetic with the serene. Under its smoky exterior, satisfying synths and claps give the track with a warm vibrancy, recalling nostalgic memories on the dance floor. – IC

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Pop Smoke

‘Demeanor ft. Dua Lipa’

A standout track off Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album ‘Faith’, ‘Demeanor’ combines the late rapper’s booming voice with collaborator Dua Lipa’s recent funky neo-disco sound. The result is a dark, mesmerising track with a killer hook. – IC

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‘Blue Racecar’

SASSY 009 defies conventions with ‘Blue Racecar,’ conjuring a spellbinding sonic trip that’s difficult to place. ”Sometimes, I wonder, do you even care? / Do you see me when I’m flippin’ my hair? / I was such a fool for lovin’ you with all my heart / Now they see me ride in a blue race car,” she sings over lo-fi drum ’n’ bass beats, creating a soaring chorus within its hazy atmosphere. – IC

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On the C List


‘Keisha’s & Brenda’s’

‘Keisha’s & Brenda’s’ is a powerful rallying cry against sexual misconduct, ENNY presenting heartbreaking narratives of violations that her friends and family have gone through. “Like, I know some girls that survived R. Kellys / I know some men that survived them, too / Ages of Blue Peter down to Blue’s Clues / To buy silence for some new shoes,” she honestly reveals on a compelling verse.

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Turnstile & Blood Orange


Linking up with Blood Orange, on ‘ALIEN LOVE CALL’ hardcore outfit Turnstile shift gears from their signature driving punk energy to laid-back guitars and emotional contemplation. A total upending of listener’s expectations, it’s an exciting glimpse of what’s to come on their upcoming album ‘GLOW ON’. – IC

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Yves Tumor

‘Crushed Velvet’

Fuelled by fizzing indie rock energy and post-punk grooves, Yves Tumor’s latest EP ‘The Asymptotical World’ presents the artist as a new rock god. “Crushed / velvet / I’m in heaven / I feel my best when / I’m dressed in all crushed velvet,” they belt on the soaring chorus of the standout ‘Crushed Velvet’, a must add to this week’s playlist.

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‘Luv U Do’

UK hip-hop collective NiNE8’s sublime ‘Luv U Do’ sees them fuse catchy hooks with a groovy rhythm section and crystalline production. The track is equal parts infectious and emotionally potent, with NiNE8 members Lava La Rue, Nige, Mac Wetha, Lorenzorsv and Bone Slim all contributing to the killer tune. – IC

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‘World On Fire’

Lush synths and reverberated guitars give The KVB single ‘World On Fire’ a distinctly effervescent energy. Nicholas Wood and Kat Day’s ethereal, affected vocals complement the track’s soaring energy, delivering an inspiring mantra that encourages listeners to “set the world on fire” in their own ways. – IC

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