Ookay, Elohim and Flux Pavilion deliver uplifting fusion, ‘Be Ok’

Ookay, Elohim and Flux Pavilion deliver uplifting fusion, ‘Be Ok’Ookay Youtube

After speaking with Ookay for one of Dancing Astronaut’s recent Saturday Night Sessions regarding his upcoming sophomore album due this coming fall, the California native joins with Elohim and Flux Pavilion for a pairing that fans didn’t see coming, “Be Ok.” Fresh off the heels of her five-track EP, Journey To The Center of Myself, the Ookay-steered single sees Elohim tapping into her singing-songwriting expertise while Flux once again flexes his ineffable production mastery.

Featuring three of the most emotionally in-tune producers in dance music, “Be Ok” is a deeply resonant endeavor reflective of the intense year yielded from COVID-19. Ookay opened up about his intentions behind the song, sharing, “In your darkest moments, you want to find your way towards a more positive reality and this song is a yearning for that.” Buoyant in synth work and an overarching confidence, the track offers fans an uplifting and sensitive shoulder to lean on.

Lift your spirits and stream “Be Ok” below.

Featured image: Ookay/Youtube

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