Paradox Interactive cancels “several unannounced games”

Paradox Interactive has cancelled multiple unannounced games, with CEO Fredrik Wester explaining that the company is moving to focus on “projects with the highest potential”.

In a statement released by Paradox Interactive yesterday (September 30), the publisher has revealed that it has “decided to discontinue the development of several unannounced games”. The same statement specifies that Paradox has written off £11.3million in relation to these cancelled games.

Explaining, the page reveals that “the cancellation is a consequence of the company’s strategy to focus resources and expertise on its proven game niches and projects that better meet the company’s requirements on returns and risk.”

Stellaris. Image credit: Paradox Interactive
Stellaris. Image credit: Paradox Interactive

In short, the release seems to suggest that Paradox is cancelling riskier games to play it safe for a while.

Elaborating, Fredrik Wester – who took over as CEO of Paradox in September – added the following:

“Paradox Interactive was born and raised in strategy and management games. It is where we have our heart and our mind and we are passionate about making games that our players can enjoy over a long period of time. Therefore we have sharpened our pipeline further to ensure that the projects with the highest potential have the resources necessary for the best possible development.”

After confirming the cancellation of these unannounced games, the statement confirms that Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is still in development. Back in July, a former game developer for the upcoming RPG said “I genuinely have no idea what’s going on with it, where it is, or if it’s still breathing“.

In other news, a popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fan map has returned with an extra Wingman mode. The second Orion release allows users to return to the futuristic halls of a high-tech science research facility.