‘Pokémon Unite’ goes mobile tomorrow with a new battle pass and items

Pokémon Unite launches on mobile devices tomorrow (September 22) with a slew of new items, features and even a new battle pass. 

Dubbed “Galactic Ghost 094”, this new battle pass seems to operate similarly to the game’s current one, meaning completing daily and weekly challenges will award you points towards levels for specific items and rewards.

The above trailer shows off a new skin for Gengar called “Space Style”, which is likely a reward tied to the new galaxy-themed battle pass. An official blog post also reveals that tomorrow’s update will add cross-platform play between iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch, with account linking across devices also possible.

Unite Squads will also be added, which will allow invited squad members to chat with each other and team up for online battles. A new in-game event will also add super item enhancers that can upgrade items to grade 30, and item enhancers themselves have been made easier to obtain, which have been a common cause for pay-to-win complaints.

Lastly, there’s going to a “rollout of some limited Spectator Mode features” and support for multiple new languages across all versions of the game.

Sylveon in Pokémon Unite
Pokémon Unite. Credit: Nintendo

Mamoswine and Sylveon still don’t have a release date however, with an official tweet stating more details about their abilities and exactly when they’ll both be joining the game are coming soon.

Pokémon Unite recently surpassed 9million downloads just two months after its official launch. To celebrate, all players will be awarded 2000 Aeos tickets on September 29, meaning every player will get some extra currency towards those fashion statements and held items for Pokémon.

In other news, Halo Infinite is going to have two multiplayer test weekends starting this weekend (September 23) and next weekend (September 30).