Polar Inc. renews This Never Happened residency on four-part sophomore cycle, ‘Pearly’

Polar Inc. renews This Never Happened residency on four-part sophomore cycle, ‘Pearly’Screen Shot 2021 09 22 At 4.12.49 PM

Polar Inc. tripled down on This Never Happened in February with the delivery of three Grand Lake IDs and as the clock fast forwards seven months into the future, he’s now taking Journal EP a full step further. Serving as his sophomore label project, Pearly arrives in four-part fashion as Polar Inc. continues to solidify himself as a fan-favorite enrollee in This Never Happened’s ever-expanding directory.

In the time since Journal, there’s been no mystery as to where Polar Inc.’s next This Never Happened labor could be found, with Pearly pulling back-to-back members out of Lane 8 “Summer 2021 Mixtape,” including the EP’s title number as well as “Merovingian.” The two-track pair joins in tandem with “Sidis” and “Gilmore” to fill in Pearly’s vitals, with Polar Inc. piggybacking off the melodic house nobility from his freshman cycle and achieving what the Cape Town native is confident to be Polar Inc.’s stylistic compass. Polar Inc. shared an in-depth message behind Pearly and what the EP stands for, explaining,

“Pearly’ EP is here off the magical @thisneverhappenedlabel. I always feel like I need to dive into some of the detail of these tracks, so here goes nothing. I’ve kind of always wanted to explore the meaning behind Polar Inc. and I feel like ‘Pearly’ as an EP represents what I’m after with the Polar Inc. sound. I’m pretty interested in blending emotions and seeing what happens. Uplifting with bouncy, meaningful with driving, club with hooks and dark with moving. Mixing all these together and enjoying the results. An example I like to use is nostalgia, that warm feeling of great memories with that melancholic emotion that it’s in the past. Using Polar opposites (see what I did there) to conjure up some form of new experience. Enough ramble, this is ‘Pearly’ (a very special place amongst those that have visited). I hope it takes you down a little experience of your own. A big thank you to the master @lane8music music for backing my sound.”

Featured image: Polar Inc./Instagram

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