Pop Cover: Billy Vena – This Is Me Trying (Taylor Swift)

We can all agree that the best song Taylor Swift has created in the age of folklore and evermore is “This Is Me Trying,” right? Every aspect of the song is a masterpiece, even by Taylor Swift standards – it easily ranks as one of my favorites by the artist, ever. So it is to my absolute delight that up and coming pop gay, Billy Vena, has taken the song and given it a life of his own.

Vena’s take on “This Is Me Trying” provides a synth makeover ripe for the ’80s comeback. His ability to translate the downtempo feels of the original into this sparkling gem is truly deserving of your attention. It’s in Vena’s delivery from the very beginning when he sings “I didn’t know if you’d care if I came back” that I knew that Vena understood the importance of the song, he knew his assignment, he did the work and he aced it.

Give Billy Vena’s take on Taylor Swift’s glorious song a stream below!