Porter Robinson shares behind-the-scenes ‘Nurture’ tour preview

Porter Robinson shares behind-the-scenes ‘Nurture’ tour previewPorter Robinson Instagram

With the tour supporting his seminal Nurture quickly approaching, Porter Robinson is giving fans a look at the work going into the live experience. Fans got a first live look at the new material when he performed at his Secret Sky 2 live streamed event, but it looks like Robinson is entirely revamping the performance to take on the road. In the behind-the-scenes video, Robinson shared the inspirations behind the planning process:

“I don’t care about proving anything. I don’t care about proving I’m not a DJ or whatever, I’m not EDM, or all these various concerns that are sometimes floating around in my mind. I just want this show to be the thing that I want to go see right now. My gut was screaming like, ‘I want to, kinda, party a little bit.’ I still want to respect these songs and showcase them as meaningfully as possible, but you have to have some moments where it’s a celebration. Because a lot of times that’s what performance is, it’s a celebration of music, a celebration of life.” – Porter Robinson

The Nuture Live Tour begins September 23 in Eugene, Oregon, and closes on November 13 in San Diego, California. For the tour, Robinson enlisted the help of supporting artists Jai Wolf and James Ivy. Tickets for the tour are currently available on Porter Robinson’s website.

Porter Robinson shares behind-the-scenes ‘Nurture’ tour previewNurture Tour

Featured image: Porter Robinson/Instagram

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