Premiere: Alexa Dark Has A New Video Out For Her Debut Track ‘Fade To Black And Blue’

The NYC-based artist Alexa Dark releases her new music video for the track Fade to Black and Blue. Watch the video below.

The track claims a certain vibe of vintage tone—visible in the video as well—as Alexa Dark reveals her mesmerizing vocals. The alternative rock song is flouting the genre with the artist’s exceptional musical flexibility. Alexa Dark derives her inspiration from her multicultural background and diverse musical drive to create her tracks.

The song is written and produced alongside producer Matt Chiaravalle, as it highlights relatable lyrics traversing through diverse moods and emotions. The track captivates its listeners from the get-go with its powerful instrumental start. A few seconds in, Alexa chimes in with her enthralling vocals, and you are already hooked. The jazz-like tones are apparent throughout the track, adding a sense of mystery and appetite to the ballad.

The music video is dark, mysterious, and enigmatic—perfectly showcasing everything that is Alexa. It introduces the singer in a lonely stance in a dark room as she sings with a vintage microphone. Moving on, it is revealed that she is standing on stage in front of an empty theatre, adding more mystery to the mix. She is then seen leaving the stage and wandering around the theatre in her luxurious dress. The scenes capture captivating shots of the gorgeous building as she flaunts her vocals.

The song flawlessly highlights the singer’s signature sound as the music video takes you on a trip through emotions. Her music displays an unusual dose of uniqueness that is Alexa’s voice.


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Buy official artist merch and vinyl