Premiere: gardenstate, Bien align for ‘The Best Part’

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In September of 2016, Bien, an indie, Nashville-hailing band with a penchant for “creating dreamy pop music,” put this proclivity on display with the issue of the saccharine single, “The Best Part.” Set the ticker forward five years, and the syrupy original can be found soliciting production assistance from gardenstate in a delicate, Anjunabeats-anchored amplification of the original.

gardenstate affiliates Marcus Schössow and Matthew Felner pad “The Best Part” with unimposing electronic production that complements the cut’s porcelain, Bien-supplied vocals. Schössow, Felner, and Bien’s cooperation on the collaborative recasting of the 2016 single is the result of Schössow’s outreach to Bien after serendipitously coming across the song online.

gardenstate and Bien formally breathe new life into “The Best Part” on July 14, but lucky for listeners, the update can be streamed in full one day early, only on Dancing Astronaut. Hit “play” below and presave “The Best Part” here.

Featured image: gardenstate/Instagram

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