Raving on a budget—look your festival best for less than $25 with these Amazon finds

Raving on a budget—look your festival best for less than $25 with these Amazon finds4 22 18 DOLAB COACHELLA W2 WATCHARA04

“What are you wearing tonight?”

This age-old question permeates text messages threads and slides its way into conversations pre-festival/show, prompting soon-to-be attendees to send potential outfits to their group chats and, along the way, contemplate lugging their closet in its entirety to wherever they’ll get ready. But after a year and a half in lockdown, during which baggy shirts and comfortable sweats took center-stage, fashion lost its prominence for many. The result? “What are you wearing tonight?” has now become a more challenging question, increasingly complicated by limited budgets as the economic effects of COVID-19 continue to be felt. With the reactivation of festivals comes the return of costs associated with attending: tickets, ride share services, accommodations, food/drinks, and all other accoutrements, including those related to festival fashion. Conscious that these costs can quickly accumulate, Dancing Astronaut has compiled a list of nine budget-friendly fashion finds for festival season, all retailing for less than $25.

For $15.99, Flyrose provides a variety of different halter tops that can be paired with just about any type of bottom. From metallic stars and shiny black flames, Flyrose tops are sure to become the centerpiece of any outfit. See the tops here.

Although rave fashion has continuously evolved over the years, glitter and gems have remained two of the few timeless staples, no matter the decade. WDIRARA on Amazon offers a sheer glittery nylon top that can keep you sparkling on the dancefloor for only $15.99. With options in short and long sleeve varieties, the top can be layered over pasties, halters, bralettes, and more. Buy the top here.

With an assortment of prints, SweatyRocks offers long sleeve sheer mesh tops for $16.99. Black embroidered roses, butterflies, floating angels, dragons, and moons are only a small portion of the brand’s numerous design options. With plenty of tops to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one. See the variety of tops here.

Victray offers a $6 discount to Amazon Prime members for its sequined skirts, allowing subscribers to purchase one for just $16.99. Offered in 15 colors, their skirts can pull together nearly any outfit. Pair it with pasties or one of the tops above and a pair of platforms to pull your look together. The skirt is available here.

As the weather grows warmer and the sunshine brighter, Perfashion is offering purchasers a pair of holographic shorts with matching sunglasses to help a look come to life. For $17.99, you can get two items for the price of one, epitomizing bang for one’s buck. See the options here.

ZGMYC’s sheer mesh pants allow you to wear longer pants while still keeping cool on the dance floor. Although the mesh might not necessarily keep wearers warmer at night, the shimmer accents have a leg-accentuating appeal that’s sure to steal the show. Purchase here for $24.88.

Accessories are always necessary, and fanny packs have long been a rave staple on account of the carrying convenience they offer attendees of all types of events. SoJourner furnishes fanny packs for $15.99, providing shoppers a cost-effective variety of sequined and holographic fanny packs to choose from, completing any outfit. Grab one here.

Masks have a long history within rave and festival fashion, and if you’re looking for a go-to, these rechargeable masks will light up your night in a variety of colorful LEDs for $15.99. Purchase from PIXIADORE here.

Protect your eyes with sunglasses, and protect your head with animal print, tie-dye, and floral patterned bucket hats from Mashiaoyi. The reversible hats are a steal, retailing for just $13.89. Peruse the options here.

Featured image: Courtesy of Coachella

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