Ray Volpe imparts debut EP ‘Rise Of The Volpetron’ on Disciple Records

Ray Volpe imparts debut EP ‘Rise Of The Volpetron’ on Disciple Records06ea2b887b3ee2d54ad5c60dab85cbe3 Nailed It Productions

Hardstyle DJ Ray Volpe has officially unleashed his festival-ready project, Rise Of The Volpetron. Marking Volpe’s second EP of 2021, preceded by Mixed Feelings, Rise Of The Volpetron signifies the 24-year-old’s debut project as an exclusive Disciple Records artist. Of the recent signing, Disciple Records co-founder Ross Burr said,

“After working with Ray Volpe on the release of his World Domination EP, we just knew that we had to bring Ray into the team and make it permanent!”

Evidently, Burr’s team has had an eye on Volpe for more than a year now, and their meeting on Disciple Records bequeaths four hardstyle gems: “ELASTIC,” “REVOLUTION,” “WORLD WAR RAVE,” and “RACE AGAINST TIME.” Last April, future bass veteran ILLENIUM gave Ubbi Dubbi a taste of Rise Of Volpetron’s lead-off track, “ELASTIC.” Needless to say, Volpe’s record flourished. In a recent statement, Volpe asserted “hey, I’m here and not going anywhere.” We’d be inclined to agree.

Stream Rise Of The Volpetron and view Ray Volpe’s upcoming tour dates below.

Tour Dates:

August 7 – Minneapolis, MN

August 20-22 – Bass Canyon

September 4 – San Jose, CA (w/ Mitis)

September 9 – Dancefestopia

September 17 – New York, NY

September 24-26 – Lost Lands

October 2 – Detroit, MI (w/ Riot Ten)

October 3 – Spring Awakening

December 16 – Houston, TX (w/ Riot Ten)

December 17 – Tempe, AZ

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