REZZ, fknsyd team up for second album single, ‘Let Me In’

REZZ, fknsyd team up for second album single, ‘Let Me In’Rezz

As fans anxiously await REZZ‘s forthcoming album, the prolific producer is releasing her second single, a collaboration with fknsyd by the name of “Let Me In.” Taking to Twitter to share the news earlier in the week on September 26, REZZ revealed that the track had been a secret; it had not yet been played out or previewed in any other way.

As REZZ prepares to dispense her new album, she has announced that she will embark on a 15-stop tour that kicks off in February. While fans continue to wait for Spiral, they can also stream her collaboration with Deathpact, “Chemical Bond.”

REZZ has been releasing an abundance of material ahead of her upcoming LP, and fknsyd has been keeping busy as well. The producer teamed up with Wavedash to release their second collaboration, “Status Quo,” on September 22.

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