Rossy finds solace with Jadū Dala single, ‘777’

Rossy finds solace with Jadū Dala single,  ‘777’E4 0c0hMAEto8o

Rossy rejuvenates Philadelphia-based experimental label Jadū Dala with the release of “777.” The energetic bass thriller follows the Los Angeles-based producer’s We Rose tie-up “See Through,” released in March. “777” auspiciously unravels a unique of combination cinematic and future-bass elements. Speaking on the production of “777,” Rossy shared,

“You know when a song comes together so seamlessly, it’s such a beautiful feeling. You enter this flow state where you forget everything around you and then you come out like what the actual heck did I just do, that was ‘777.’ It was truly a labor of love. I started with the development of the main arp in the drop and the rest just fell into place from there. I love arps so much and tried to push that love for them in a new direction with this song. I knew while making the track that I wanted to add a very distinctive vocal chop, after the bulk of the track was done was when I added the chop in and for me it made the song so special. This song makes me feel so full of light and I am so happy today to be able to share it with you all. And, for everyone taking the time to read this and taking the time to listen I wish I could explain how much I appreciate you. hope you love ‘777’!! :)”

Stream “777” below.

Featured image: Rossy/Facebook

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