Shingo Nakamura marks Monstercat Silk’s debut LP release with ‘Glow’

Shingo Nakamura marks Monstercat Silk’s debut LP release with ‘Glow’Shingo Nakumra Press 2

In February, 2021, Monstercat made headlines by acquiring LA-based label Silk Music, a longstanding imprint dedicated to chilled progressive releases. To help announce the merger, the newly-minted Monstercat Silk also shared its first release, “Glow” by Japanese progressive veteran Shingo Nakamura. Now four months later, Monstercat Silk is releasing the first full LP of its young lifespan, once again thanks to Nakamura:

It took about five years to complete the album and that time was very difficult for me, especially with the recent pandemic. But I was able to endure because I love making music. As the word “glow” implies, I think the songs are designed to gently illuminate and encourage the listener.”Shingo Nakamura

Glow is Shingo Nakamura’s third studio album. Across the record’s 11 tracks, Nakamura traverses a broad scope of progressive styles, deploying everything from deep club influences to airy acoustic breakdowns. Glow also arrives with a second disc dedicated to nine extended mixes. All in all, the record is a statement release from Monstercat Silk, and a powerful reminder of Nakamura’s talent.

Featured image: Monstercat Silk press

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