Snoh Aalegra Is Her Truest Self on New Album ‘Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies’

Robyn Mowatt

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Snoh AalegraSnoh Aalegra

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Snoh Aalegra presents Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies her latest album packed with features and production from No I.D., Pharrell Williams, James Fauntelroy, Tyler, the Creator, Ant Clemons and more. 

Snoh Aalegra has finally unleashed her latest album Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies. The release is inflected with her honest style of storytelling. 

The fleeting feelings of temporary love and the heartache that often comes with it is all over this album. Beyond that, the compilation highlights Snoh’s lush voice and allows her space to expand on what it’s like experiencing a deep love that causes you to evaluate your livelihood. 

The singer/songwriter’s track record precedes her, she often lies in a crux between modern R&B and neo-soul, but this album pushes her deeper into the R&B canon. Each song has a distinct feel to it, and for good reason, a few tracks are even a bit experimental like “Neon Peach” featuring Tyler, the Creator. Additional features and contributors on the album include No I.D., Pharrell Williams, Ant Clemons, and James Fauntelroy. This is her newest release since her 2019 album ugh, those feels again.

Upon a first-listen, we’ve pinpointed that a few of our favorite tracks on the album are “Indecisive,” “In Your Eyes,” “Just Like That,” “We Don’t Have To Talk About It,” “Tangerine Dream,” “On My Mind” and “Everything.”

“Indecisive” is the perfect introduction to the album. On it, Snoh reckons with a partnership that had her yearning for a distinct definition of what the situation was. The production on this is absolutely supreme. 

Over on “In Your Eyes” produced by and featuring vocals by Pharrell, Snoh shines. It’s the lyrics about being seen through a lover’s eyes but it’s also about Aalegra’s ability to shapeshift and make the stellar beat work for her. 

Snoh AalegraSnoh Aalegra

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“Just Like That” is a sneaky cut that needs to be a single. Throughout the song, Aalegra shares a few thoughts on her sexual prowess effortlessly. The lines: “Picture perfect like a painting,” are given a new meaning amongst additional sensual lyrics that make for an enjoyable listen. 

On “We Don’t Have To Talk About It,” the talent once again expertly shares yet another post breakup song. The track explores the roots of issues in some relationships, one person lacking communication skills. These lines are biting: I can’t see, I can’t see your past/Like the sun in the rain on a cloudy day/But I can feel, I can feel your pain/Was it something I said?” The drums on this track are also top tier. 

Snoh outdoes herself on “Tangerine Dream” arguably the best track on the album. It’s part storytelling and part diary. It’s easy to fall in line with the dreamy feel of this one. First dates, flights, accents, and first kisses are all sung about over a laidback beat.

“On My Mind” is also a staple on this release. It’s Snoh at her most vulnerable yet again, and she does a fantastic job exposing herself in lyrical form. Cheating, lies and lack of communication are also expressed in detail on this track. Fauntelroy provides a nice touch.

Honorable mentions: “Violet Skies,” “Taste” and “In The Moment” with Tyler, The Creator.

Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies is Snoh Aalegra’s most mature album. Throughout it, there’s no question of if she’s evolved or not as an artist. If you listen close enough it’s clear that her voice has grown, but her taste in production has also transformed. Pop influences bleed into the release but it’s apparent she’ll never sway too far away from her R&B inclinations. Overall, the album was well worth the wait, it’s fleshed out, emotional, and moving.

Stream Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies below