Song Review: Lucy – I Got U

Lucy - I Got ULucy were my biggest personal K-pop discovery last year. I usually prefer K-pop’s more dance-oriented material since it seems most different to the pop music I grew up with, but Lucy are the perfect idol band package. They’ve got incredible vocals, excellent songwriting, an unusual instrument (in this case, a violin), and an endearing ‘never-take-ourselves-too-seriously’ goofiness. A new Lucy comeback is always welcome.

I Got U finds the group exploring groovier territory, which may seem at odds with their core sound. But, the guys retain their strengths while injecting the track with a hint of trendy retro flair. It’s a combination that works quite well. Wonsang’s bass has always been a standout, but he really anchors I Got U, delivering a slinky bassline that keeps the energy moving. Yechan’s violin echoes the curves of this structure, at times feeling closer to disco strings than the virtuosic ornamentation we’re used to hearing.

I Got U opens with a filtered chant, previewing the song’s chorus. As strong as this is, I prefer the violin-led refrain that acts as a cathartic climax throughout the track. Lucy’s music is most exciting when it soars, and I Got U manages this trick a few times despite its more grounded ambitions. The use of electronics brings a new (and welcome!) addition to the Lucy sound without coming across as too overbearing or processed. And as always, Sangyeop’s rich, warm vocal ties everything together with undeniable heart and resolve. It’s a shot of serotonin, well-suited to the start of summer.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8