Song Review: ONEWE – Rain To Be

ONEWE - Rain To BeIt’s “idol band” day, with ONEWE and Lucy revealing their comeback tracks at the same time. In ONEWE’s case, Rain To Be (비를 몰고 오는 소년) comes from their first mini album and is their first single since December’s A Book In Memory. Like many of their tracks, Rain opts for an angstier sound but makes room for each members’ talents to shine.

I’ll always prefer brighter fare when it comes to groups like this, and ONEWE have the tendency to get a little mopey with their melodies. Rain To Be’s verses succumb to this temptation, struggling to find an engaging sound. Parts of the track plod along without much beyond Yonghoon’s incredible vocals to keep me engaged. But, Rain rights itself with a solid chorus. The tempo rises and the angst sharpens into a more galvanizing cry.

A beautiful guitar hook runs throughout the track, almost like a mournful take on the group’s buoyant End Of Spring from last year. It’s replaced by keys for much of the second verse, giving Rain a more funereal atmosphere. And though we build toward a guitar-fueled climax right before the final chorus, Rain To Be’s overall arrangement is a bit fitful for my taste. It’s hard to gain a foothold, despite a central hook that repeats often and is echoed by nearly every instrumental element. On the plus side, I think the track makes room for every member to contribute in a way that feels cohesive and well-suited to their individual appeals. Plus, the music video is very cool (and anxiety-producing…)

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75