Spillage Village’s Benji. Releases Debut Album, ‘Smile, You’re Alive!’

The Spillage Village crew strikes again.

After joining SV ahead of their Spilligion album last year, Benji. is back at the DopeHouse with the release of his own debut album, Smile, You’re Alive!

Inspired by a speech from Sadhguru, an honored Indian yogi, the album is all about second chances and realizing what you have now – you’re life – is what matters most.

“What is the most important thing right now?” Sadhguru asks. “You’re alive right now, isn’t it so? So many other things have become important only because you’re alive right now.”

The speech hit Benji in the soul one day in 2018 as he returned from a walk, despite leaving earlier with plans to take his own life. “I don’t think anybody knew I was going to walk to a bridge and try to jump,” Benji. told Okayplayer, during an incredible discussion about mental health, the album, and happiness. “When I got into my house and into my room, that [speech] was the very first video I saw… It sounded like he was following me the whole time. The very next day I started working on that album.”

Equipped with 13 songs, Benji. – who is the brother of Christo, a longtime producer for J.I.D and EarthGang – is joined by a handful of guests that includes PK Delay, Jordan Hawkins, My Favorite Color, Mars Jackson, and Livefromthecity. Sadly, no SV artists make an appearance. Still, Benji. and his people hold it down.

  1. “Rain”
  2. “Zola Rose”
  3. “Shine”
  4. “East Side Bounce” ft. PK Delay
  5. “Black Satin” ft. Jordan Hawkins
  6. “No Kidding”
  7. “Shake” ft. My Favorite Color
  8. “Sanctuary”
  9. “Elevate”
  10. “Good Morning”
  11. “Right On”
  12. “C.U.E.U.P.U.” ft. Mars Jackson
  13. “Wave” ft. Livefromthecity

Press play, smile because you’re alive, and be sure to add the album wherever you consume music.

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