Welcome to East of 8th’s roundup of new music added to our Spotify playlist! Please enjoy our curated selection of the latest indie rock, alternative, and indie pop tracks. (And make sure to connect with the artists on social media!)

Photos of artists added to East of 8th Spotify PlaylistPhotos of artists added to East of 8th Spotify Playlist

Miss Tess – “Real Change”

“I’m talking ‘bout real change / I’m talking ‘bout a new page / It’s missing in the history book / We gotta take a real hard look” croons Nashville’s Miss Tess, in her new social justice-centric single “Real Change.” Miss Tess hopes the song, written with Maya de Vitry in the wake of the murder of George Floyd last summer, encourages us to practice the power of love and awareness toward our fellow humans and to stand in solidarity with members of the BIPOC community. With its soulful groove and sun-drenched harmonies (provided by Lindsay Lou and Rachael Davis), Miss Tess puts her vintage spin on the traditional folk protest song, and as with everything else she touches, she turns it to gold. Miss Tess will also donate 100% of the proceeds from “Real Change” to racial justice nonprofit Gideon’s Army, a community-driven grassroots organization which focuses on dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline through social activism. Click HERE to purchase or donate.

Miss Tess Artist Photo Photo credit - Natalia CincoMiss Tess Artist Photo Photo credit - Natalia Cinco

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Lisa Crawley – “The Right Way”

We’ve got New Zealand-born, Los Angeles-based indie pop chanteuse Lisa Crawley’s single “The Right Way” on perpetual repeat. This anthem about overthinking, juxtaposed with unfussy production and a cooler-than-cool vibe, puts Crawley’s delicate rasp and relatable lyricism front-and-center. We want to be her when we grow up.

Lisa Crawley Photo Credit: Karen Anne PattiLisa Crawley Photo Credit: Karen Anne Patti

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Eamon McGrath – “Cannonball” ft. Cayley Thomas

Written as an ode to the Americana-focused aspects of his musical influences— particularly the psychedelic country of Gram Parsons and Lee Hazlewood—Canadian singer/songwriter Eamon McGrath nails it. It’s richly-textured sonic landscape is the perfect backdrop for Eamon’s road-worn vocal style, and paints a vibrant portrait as he interprets country music of his upbringing through a rock n’ roll lens.

Eamon McGrath Photo by Danny MilesEamon McGrath Photo by Danny Miles

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Modern Original – “Turn It Around”

Duo Modern Original, which is Andy Warren and Joshua Hogan (formerly of SoCal alt-pop band The Mowgli’s) have released their debut single “Turn It Around.” We’re just wondering how long it will take for this slice of psych-tinged, surf pop goodness to be the background of all the commercials. Yes, all of them. Because it’s that ridiculously catchy. And we can’t get enough.

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Voye – “Paint” ft. Matilda Duncan

The message of Australian indie-folk project Voye’s new track “Paint,” is universal. The song encompasses the two-sided reality of painful experiences – how they can be totally isolating, yet a shared experience of loss can break down walls and help us connect and relate to each other in a deeper way. “Paint” features the emotive baritone of frontman Shemah Appleton trading lines with guest vocalist Matilda Duncan, and is a beautiful blend of whimsy and wistfulness. Check out the equally emotional music video with its contemporary choreography that interprets the internal struggle and pain confronted during dark moments of loneliness.

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