Take a trip with Action Paxton and SunRu—stream ‘KEEP IT PSYCHADELIC’

Take a trip with Action Paxton and SunRu—stream ‘KEEP IT PSYCHADELIC’Action Paton 1 Scaled E1627919413854

GRiZ fans, we’ve got a little something for you. Cue “KEEP IT PSYCHADELIC,” an Action Paxton meets SunRu cooperative that emulates the instrumentally led funk signature to the Rainbow Brain album maker’s brand within a bass framework. The stint on Supertrout blends brass with SunRu-supplied verses, resounding 808 action, and horn lines laid by Adam Thesis of the Jazz Mafia. It’s a colorful cacophony of textures that taps into a supercharged style of electronic sound with hip-swaying power—and it would assuredly make a splash in any live setting.

“The inspiration behind ‘KEEP IT PSYCHEDELIC’ comes from our longtime journey with bass music and a West Coast scene that was heavily influenced by mushrooms and LSD,” said featured vocalist, SunRu. “[Our aim was to give] praise to the medicine through the music and creating a banger that elevates consciousness rather than pollutes the masses with wack lyrics. We started it out with drums, the original 808, and built around it with live horns, Action Paxton’s drums, and boom…we got something for the summer.”

Stream that “something for the summer” below.

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