The 1975’s Matty Healy says the band is at work on another “classic record”

“Making another ‘classic record’ smh,” he wrote next to a mirror selfie of him flexing his left bicep.

The 1975’s last album was 2020’s ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’. A new release would mark the Manchester-formed band’s fifth album to date.

Nothing has yet materialised from the project.

The 1975, Matty Healy, Drive Like I Do
The 1975’s Matty Healy. CREDIT: Press

Appearing on LBC on June 25, Healy told James O’Brien that he agreed with his assertion that the UK is “run by philistines”.

“I think that one of the things I’m very aware of is that young people, especially the young people I’m witness to, are very mobilised by art. Much more so than by politics,” Healy told the phone-in host.

“Whether that’s a threat to the government and the way they see things, or whether they don’t understand the potency of that because of their experience of art, I just know how people are feeling.”

He continued: “I’m an artist and over the years I’ve had countless people send me letters and messages to say your music has helped me through this or that. No more so have I had that during the pandemic and I think we can all agree is that one of, if not the main thing that has kept people sane, is entertainment.”

Meanwhile, earlier this year Healy released ‘Spinning‘, a collaboration with Charli XCX and No Rome.