The Nintendo Wii could have had a much worse name

Codenamed Revolution during development, Nintendo eventually decided to call it’s fifth-gen home console the Nintendo Wii. A new leak however has revealed a bunch of potentially worse suggestions.

As part of the same “gigaleak” that unveiled a scrapped sequel to 2003’s Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, the three-page document apparently shows a list of pitched titles for the Wii, as shared on the ResetEra messageboards by user MondoMega. You can see the whole list here.

The document includes imaginative titles such as “New Nintendo Gamecube” and “Next Nintendo” alongside some more bizarre suggestions. “Nintendo Blue Thunder”, “Nintendo Game Carnival” and “Nintendo Juke Box” are all listed while “Nintendo Everlasting Wave” comes with a note that the acronym would spell NEW.

It looks like the company wanted to focus on a fresh start, with suggestions such as “Reborn”, “Rebirth” and “Renascence” all listed.

It also looks like they wanted to put an emphasis on family-friendly gaming as well, as seen by the possible names “Party Room” and “People’s Game”. That said, clearly it was the office joker who added “Nintendo Lethal Weapon” into the hat.

A leaked list of Nintendo Wii name suggestions
A leaked list of Nintendo Wii name suggestions. Credit: MondoMega via ResetEra

There’s also a section dedicated to Nintendo’s history with suggestions relating to the Famicom, which is what the original NES was called in Japan. Our favourite pitch is the Air Famicom which, as the third column suggests, would be known as Nintendo AF.

In retrospect, maybe the Wii wasn’t such a bad name after all – especially when compared to the “Nintendo R.E.S.O.R.T. (Revolutionary Entertainment System On Relaxing Time)”.

In other news, Japan’s official Water Ambassador is a Pokémon, with Eevee evolution Vaporeon now the official mascot for Water Day.