The Sherlocks Share New Single, ‘City Lights’, and Announce 3rd Album

Following on from the release of their comeback single, End Of The Earth in April, which lead to fans speculating the release of a new album, The Sherlocks have now revealed that their highly anticipated 3rd album, World I Understand, will be released on November 19th. Hand in hand with the album’s announcement, the band have also shared their latest offering, City Lights. Listen below.

The album stands as The Sherlocks’ first body of work since the recruitment of their new bassist and guitarist. Speaking about this change, lead vocalist Kiaran Crook confesses:

Finding new band members was something we were admittedly apprehensive about. I think many others would have thrown in the towel and just said, ‘let’s look back on the fond memories we’d made while it lasted’. But for us it wasn’t even a question of whether we’d carry on, it was more a question of how long it would take to get back to where we were.

But what could have posed a threat to the band made them stronger, with the recruitment of new guitarist Alex Proctor, and new bassist Trent Jackson, the band have managed to produce their most ambitious album to date.

The release of City Lights is destined to quench fans’ thirst until the albums release, it’s another anthemic release by the four piece that is destined to delight listeners. City Lights features the iconic catchy hook that is signature to Kiaran Crook and pairs it with thrashing instrumentation.

Speaking on the release of the album, Kiaran states:

this record was all about timing, it would have been impossible to make it at any other time, everything felt like it happened for a reason and I genuinely believe we have made our best album to date. In years from now I think we’ll look back on this release as the one where it all changed and took us to the next level.

World I Understand Tracklisting

  1. Porto
  2. Falling
  3. Wake Up
  4. On The Run
  5. Plastic Heart
  6. City Lights
  7. Sorry
  8. Games You Play
  9. World I Understand
  10. Last To Leave
  11. Slip Road

World I Understand is out 19th November via TeddyBoy Records.


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