There’s a Whole Lot of Carnage in The Thrilling New Trailer for The ‘Venom’ Sequel


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Woody Harrelson's Carnage takes center stage in the latest trailer for the upcoming Venom sequel.Woody Harrelson's Carnage takes center stage in the latest trailer for the upcoming Venom sequel.

Source: Sony Pictures

Venom: Let There Be Carnage hits theaters on September 24th.

In the post-credit scene for 2018’s VenomWoody Harrelson is introduced as the first big-screen adaptation of Carnage, setting up a showdown between two of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains. Now, with a sequel set to arrive this fall, Harrelson’s take on the crimson symbiote is taking center stage.

In the thrilling new trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, we get a clearer picture of Harrelson as serial killer Cletus Kassady, the first and arguably most notable host of Carnage, an offspring of Venom whose abilities and glaring lack of sanity eventually lead to an unlikely partnership between the teen web-slinger and one of his most formidable foes (in the comics, at least.) According to the new preview, Harrelson’s official debut as Kassady is set to be an explosive one, squaring up with prison guards, the public, and, of course, Tom Hardy’s titular anti-hero.

The latest trailer also offers a glimpse at Naomie Harris as Shriek. In the panels, Harris’ character is a sidekick to Carnage who can manipulate sound and toy with a person’s psyche. The villainess is also one of the few characters key to untethering Carnage from Kassidy, but it’s unclear how she’ll factor into the film’s arc. For those wondering whether Spidey finally makes an appearance in the spinoff — not yet. And probably not at all, as Venom is in the Sony quadrant of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and no one knows how the comic book giant will incorporate the loose properties scattered across licensing deals with Fox and Sony, even after their reacquisition. But when in doubt, look to the freshly spawned and ever-expanding multiverse. Jump back and watch Disney+’s Loki for an idea of how that could bring all the threads together.

Watch the official trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage below. Catch it in theaters (exclusively) on September 24th.