Track Premiere: New You – “Suffer”

Posted: 14th July, 2021 by The Editor

The debut EP from New You is still on constant replay for me. The three songs on New You are a far cry from Blake Turner’s other project –– Mourning Collective –– and its plaintive shoegaze. Instead, on New You, Turner puts his pop songwriting chops to good use. The project’s newest single, “Suffer,” feels almost like a mix of the two. It’s still New You, for sure, and it’s as catchy and melodic as anything on that EP, but it’s got some space and a bit more bite to it than any of the New You songs. This is all to say, it’s probably the best New You track yet.

Turner says the song “is about finding joy in the shared ups and downs of a long-term partnership. Whether it’s your own suffering or your partner’s, life can get bleak, and in those moments all you can do is laugh through the pain. The song is an expression of that feeling. This standalone single is intended to take New You in a direction that retains the pop-forward elements of the first EP, while introducing some heavy ’90s alternative flavor into the mix.” Check out “Suffer” below.