TWO LANES release stunning ‘Reflections EP’

TWO LANES release stunning ‘Reflections EP’Life In Lockdown Two Lanes Interview Dj Times

Berlin-based siblings Leo and Rafa Schmid join San Holo’s beloved bitbird imprint with the release of their much anticipated ‘Reflections EP.’ A seven-track output meant for some sonic soul-searching, ‘Reflections’ opens melodically with ‘Phases’ an evocative instrumental composition that establishes the tone for the rest of the music that follows. If the name didn’t give it away — an overall sense of calm permeates every corner of the EP, bolstered by a liberal use of piano rolls that convey raw emotion in an otherwise synthetic soundscape. With each successive track on the EP, the Schmid’s discover a new way to snare you in a trance. ‘Another Time (ft. Kwesi)’ keeps things calm, albeit with a somber undertone, juxtaposed by a stand out melody and Kwesi’s gripping top line. ‘Remembering the Future’ follows with a blissful and soft melody while the album’s debut single ‘Rolling Back’ leads into ‘Transcend’ – an aptly named track that is the most blissful and ambient on the album. And then finally, the duo rounded out by the closing track ‘Epilogue,’ another piano-driven track, with a classical, yet modern nom de plum.