Vince Staples Returns with Melodic New Single “ARE YOU WITH THAT?”

Dimas Sanfiorenzo

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Vince Staples holding micVince Staples holding mic

Photo Credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Vince Staples is getting ready to release his first new album since 2018’s FM!

This Friday, Vince Staples will release his new album (which is a self-titled release.) On Tuesday, Vince dropped the first track from the album — a brief, melodic song called “ARE YOU WITH THAT?”

The song is melodic — and actually quite catchy — but that doesn’t mean Vince loses his harder edge. On the song, Vince rap, sings:

“Everybody tough, ’till they gotta go see a judge.
Nigga better hush, remember growing up
All I wanted to be a tough, wanted to meet a plug, to get a little bread
Shoot a couple of niggas in the head”

Vince still sounds sharp and is still experimenting (despite the fact that fans have criticized the rapper for experimenting too much in the past.)

Vince Staples premiered the song with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. During his time on the show, he talked about his upcoming album and the graphic novel, called Limbo Beach, that is dropping soon. 

On his upcoming album, Vince said:

“I was just having a lot of conversations with a lot of people around me, other musicians, a lot of artists, a lot of friends, and people always say, ‘Oh, you used to always say these stories and this and that, and I don’t notice much about these specific things. Why don’t you put it into the music?’ And it’ll be stuff that has been in songs for years. And then I realize it’s just not the appropriate… the backdrop wasn’t right for certain things I was saying or vice versa. So I feel like this is kind of very descript and distinct on kind of where… not just where I come from, it’s not a bunch of glory stories or things like that, I guess it’s just more personal.”

Give “ARE YOU WITH THAT?” a listen below.