Weekly Dope Turns 5!

Five of them thangs!

Yesterday, I uploaded the 260th volume of our ongoing Weekly Dope playlist. And, if my math is correct, that marks five straight years of coming through with new art and music for all.⁣

What started as just another outlet to share music and keep fans up to date with the constant influx of music, turned into a living art project that’s challenged me on a weekly basis for half a decade.

Every seven days, I’ve taken different pieces of cover art and created something new. All while curating a collection of quality music; sequenced in an order suited for a better overall listen. One thing I’ve always hated about other playlists, is that they’re usually just thrown together. Taking the time to figure out smoother transitions and less jarring track-to-track jumps really adds to the experience, I believe.

So, as we hit the five year mark, I wanted to take time to share what’s been done so far. In the Instagram post below, I’ve highlighted some of my personal favorite pieces. And, if you head to BlameShake.com – a new site I’m working on to (finally) showcase all of my work – you can see each of the 260 covers.

Special thanks to all the artists (both musically and artistically) that have inspired me over the years. Can we make it to ten years?! Let’s see…

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