ZHU’s ‘Z-train’ chugs forth

ZHU’s ‘Z-train’ chugs forthZHU HenryAmman

After hitting the target in his aim to “create a summer anthem for the kids who are finally able to go out” with “Monster” in July, ZHU‘s “Z-Train” is chugging forth for a follow-up to his first DREAMLAND 2021 successor. Quietly directed to streaming platforms on August 6, “Z-Train” set up listeners for a New Music Friday morning surprise—namely, that the ID teased amid ZHU’s set aboard a moving train in Montana last October had been granted a full-fledged release.

Arriving with the pulsing, crepuscular idiosyncrasies characteristic of a ZHU cut, “Z-Train” has already generated buzz among the more tenured members of the Ringo’s Desert producer’s following, with many remarking on social platforms that the track channels “old ZHU.” Agree or disagree, attendees of ZHU’s Los Angeles and Brooklyn stops this fall can rest assured that it’ll slink its way into those set list to power some dance floor drama, in classic ZHU fashion.. Purchase tickets to the show dates here

Featured image: Henry Amman

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