18 Types of A Hug From Behind That Say A Lot About Your Relationship

A hug is typically the act of squeezing your loved one in your arms or simply holding them there. An act so pure and simple can be interpreted in more ways than one- but they typically show love, affection, and intimacy!

People, hugs are of various kinds. Especially in 2021, there’s no one side to it. There’s the romantic hug, the intimate hug, the bear hug, the chest hug, the we’re-just-friends hug, the around-other-people hug, and so many more!

A hug from the back, however, is one of a kind. And there are different things conveyed through different types of hugs from the back! Saddle up, woman. Your search for the right kinds of hugging is now over. Your search for the answer to this question ends with this article.

Keep reading to know and search more about the 18 Types of Hugs from Behind that say a lot about your relationship.

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☸ Here’s how to convey different messages between people: 18 Different types of a Hug From Behind ☸

1. The hug around arms

Isn’t the hug around arms the most comforting kind of hugging? This is a beautiful image. Be sure to search for these signs. In this type, he’s covering your entire body from behind which is completely touching yours. Doesn’t this kind end up making you feel wanted? This kind of hug indicates protection, security, and responsibility. Psychology says a buy who holds you like this is in love with you.

2. The hug around the waist

This particular action around the waist and also from behind you is perhaps the most intimate picture painted ever yet. A guy who holds you at the waist while hugging you cares for you and fully cherishes his time with you. However, since this kind of hug also suggests immense intimacy, it warns you of loose morals and temporary love! Nevertheless, one of these from the back around the waist is fully comforting in its truest sense.

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3. The hug with a hand around back

This hug starts at the back and then turns into a quick side hug, with the only exception being that his hand is now around your back. Although that special someone may use this kind of hugging, it is definitely not going to be considered a typically romantic hug. This one is used mostly by friends, and if he hugs you like this, maybe he thinks of you as his buddy (and sadly not more)? We hate to break it to you that if you’re already dating and he hugs you like this very often, maybe he’s just not that into you! Search for these signs in a guy. They’re very important!

4. The hug with eye contact

Don’t we all love and appreciate a little eye contact? Don’t we all search for more meaning in a physical act? What’s even better than a hug from the back while looking into the eyes of your partner? This is perhaps one of the most tender, sensual as well as romantic hugging to ever exist.

5. The hug with a distance

Often called a ‘London bridge’ hug, this one is apparently extremely awkward and shows a noticeable difference between the two people hugging, which is basically quite literally an arm’s length. A sad image indeed. even if you search for meaning, you’re difficult to come across any. This kind of hugging appears more as a consolatory stance than a friendly/ intimate one, so no points for guessing that it’s perhaps one of the last types of hugging you’d want to receive from not just your friends, but also your partner!

6. The hug with one hand

The hug was from behind, with one hand is one in which he basically pulls you in using just one hand while you hug, is so reassuring! However, due to the lack of any more body parts touching than necessary for the action to take place, this is most common between friends and not those who are more-than-friends. What’s this image? Stop your everlasting search for more than just being romantic as a point to this tedious hugging exercise. This is, literally, the opposite of romantic.

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7. The saucy naughty hug

Two words: Bedroom action! No “bs”, this hug means down for business. Search for any other meaning and you won’t find any. An action wherein the hand extends from your shoulder to your neck to your waist and then to your butt- that’s an evident saucy naughty one! No tricks behind this kind. You get the image. If he’s not dating you yet, don’t worry, he’s definitely telling you that he wants you.

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8. The ‘I-can’t-breathe’ hug

Ever hugged someone so hard that you can’t breathe because of just how tightly they’re squeezing you within their hug? Even better when that very embrace is from someone you love- your partner! A very romantic manner of hugging, involves your partner firmly hugging from behind before gently stroking your face or tightly wrapping themselves around you. These are all signs of comfort and commitment. What an image to have!

9. The everlasting hug

A hug that doesn’t involve too many words, that doesn’t need a lot of calculation, and simply feels like it lasts forever because neither of you wants to stop hugging the other person from behind- that’s an everlasting hug from the back, a genuine expression of love and understanding. After it’s over, you search for their face in every crowd. This is the true definition of romantic! It also suggests that he finds you irresistible. What an image! This kind of hugging suggests staying strong through every adversity on the face of this earth. Isn’t that what we’re here for, anyway?

10. The bear hug

The bear hug is perhaps the single warmest type of hugging from behind to have ever existed. A bear hug is the easiest to envision and graduates from a hug from the back into a hearty, warm, fuzzy, caring, embrace towards your favorite person. The literal image of home. We’re all familiar with this type because it is amongst the greatest examples of ‘the right kind of hug’.

11. The hug with the straddle

Imagine opening your body and jumping into something, as you search for a comfortable haven. Then imagine doing that except you land into the arms of the boy you love. That’s the straddle hug for you, woman! If this type of hugging from behind naturally comes to you, it shows that you’re willing to open yourself up towards your partner or the person you love, fully. If the boy you like does this to you, you don’t have to search for any more signs, woman! Stop worrying about your imagination, how you end up making him feel, and if he’s happy. Just trust your gut and give in to this wholesome, open, and wonderful embrace.

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12. The hug pickpockets follow

Not to sound cheesy/ corny, but imagine a couple or two walking on the street or search for them, with their hands in each other’s back pockets from behind. Now while you may interpret this subjectively, do you realize the sense of comfort such a hug takes? This is the equivalent of holding hands, but by hugging. Imagine having the ability to share such comfort. Do you see this becoming a trend in 2021? If your man or woman does this, they’re immensely comfortable with you and they believe in the supremacy of physical connection more than you can know.

13. The ‘I’m-in-a-hurry’ hug

The ‘I’m-in-a-hurry’ hug is very quick and it also lasts for very little time. If touch and go had a definition, this would be it. Although a lot of us will take this act of hugging to mean rude or disinterested, it’s often because the guy finds it awkward that he hugs you from behind this way! This might still be a good sign and there’s still hope. They’re awkward, but at least they wanted to hug you, right? That’s a nice image to have and probably not the last thing you’d want to think about. With or without awkwardness, they still probably do like you! Giving more than a single thought to share this embrace is worth it. Search no more.

14. The head-on shoulder hug

Very strong affection alert! This is the perfect ‘I gotcha’ hug, woman! How can it not end up making you feel happy? More importantly, how can you be happy without indulging in these from behind? A head-on the shoulder itself is so expressive of a feeling of security and safety, that more needn’t be said about it. If he rests his head on your shoulder, he most likely loves you a lot and wants a strong long-term relationship. He could also be the one! Explore why you like resting your head on his shoulder and show yourself and the people you love, what a hug can do.

15. The hug from one side

What does a one-sided hug tell you? That there is probably only one arm involved in the entire process of hugging. The other person doesn’t even raise theirs to hug you from behind! Whether this is in a friendship or a romantic relationship, this kind of hug is a sign of those two people involved unwilling to form a deeper relationship at any cost. Such types of relations usually fizzle out in the absence of long-term support in any way possible and there’s no way the guy is behind you, romantically or otherwise, for the longer search. Show some courage, and fear not, for there are other types of hugs!

16. The hug from one heart to another

A back-hug that turns into a proper hug where his heart is against yours? Yes, please!

This hug has physical intimacy written all over it. Do we even need to say more, woman? This is as descriptive as a hug gets. It tells you that they don’t want to be without you. While it sounds extremely cute (his-heart-on-mine? Shut up!), it also suggests a whole lot of love between the two people embracing each other through this hug.

17. The hug with the dive-in

This hug has trust and attachment written all over it. If hugging from behind eventually but sneakily turns into diving his face between your arms or your chest and holding you close, you now know which kind this hug falls under!

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18. The hug with the lift

A very strong, passionate, and intimate relationship will lead you to be caught up in a hug that quite literally sweeps you off your feet and makes you feel like you’re floating in the air! This hugging from behind also takes place if they haven’t seen you in a while. Imagine being picked up from behind as a surprise by someone you like the most. It’s a sign! He misses you, woman!

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✔️ What makes a hug comforting? ✔️

✅ Oxytocin

A hug releases oxytocin, a chemical inside our bodies that has also been dubbed as the cuddle hormone.

It is associated with growing happiness and is known to effectively reduce stress! Now you know why scientists are especially behind people to make time for more intimacy.

The results show themselves in the best form possible! What’s better than a hug to prove that at a time as stressful as post-COVID 2021?

✅ Support

Hugs offer support. Period. What’s the first thing you do when a person you care for is dealing with a problem in their lives? You embrace them and side with them.

You probably do it out of affection, but it offers great support to them.

They cause you to feel more grounded and take your mind off of everything that seems to unsettle you as you go about a rather stressful life.

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✅ Youth

Believe it or not, hugs help you stay youthful. That goes to show! They are known to produce anti-aging effects, which probably explains why those who are loved by many and have their people by their side, live a long and fulfilling life.

They protect you from illnesses and help you stay healthy.

✅ Courage

Hugs reduce fear. They help instill courage in difficult situations and tackle issues such as anxiety and low self-esteem, especially after stepping into the world of people and the current pandemic-ridden 2021. Remember a 5-year-old you pulling in your teddy bear while trying not to think about scary monsters under your bed at bedtime? Yeah. Case in point!

✅ Communication

Certain acts are also tools of communication. Since we as humans are social beings, we can’t help but communicate in subtle ways. Touch plays a very crucial role when it comes to sending across a message! Feelings of love, safety, comfort, giving, care- are all met by this single simple gesture.

❖ How to know what type of hugs to give to a person? ❖

Now that we’ve gone over the different types of hugs, you know which ones to pair with whom! It’s 2021. Love has a new language. Physical affection is the only way to go! People, if you love them, make sure you denote that through your hug. If you care for them, make sure you give friendly hugs. If you support them, make sure your hugs denote that!

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Relevant Questions

Q: Do guys like being hugged from behind?

A: Absolutely! Hugging is not just for you, woman. It’s one of the best ways to display affection for people while also asserting that you don’t mind a bit of physical touching and intimacy to ensure that you communicate warmth and desire all at once!

Q: What is a flirty hug?

A: A flirty hug typically falls under either the around waist/ saucy naughty hug!

Q: Why do guys ask for hugs?

A: There can be several reasons, the most important, and perhaps also evident, one of them being that people who embrace you have a crush on you. Aside from this, these people may want support, acknowledgment, comfort, or just get down to making out with you. There can be several reasons for it- but at the bottom of it all is the fact that they like and appreciate the act of hugging too!

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