22 Helpful Tips on How To Get Over Your Ex (You Can Do It!)

When you enter into a relationship, you hope that you will keep the fire burning and enjoy it with the love of your life. Unfortunately, some issues may cut off the relationship and leave you heartbroken.

However, you can’t live in heartbreak for the rest of your life. You have to get over it and move on with life. It is not easy to get over it, but this article will give you the tips for a successful healing journey.

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💡 22 Helpful tips to forget your ex and move on 💡

1. Don’t look back or regret

Most people find themselves looking back and wishing if the relationship went on when they lose it. However, it is crucial to avoid looking back to heal as fast as you can. Besides, looking back makes you blame yourself instead of focusing on yourself.

2. Love yourself

After a breakup, hug yourself and purpose to love yourself. This is because breakups may lead to low self-esteem and loss of self-worth because of what happened. Instead, focus on improving your self-image and fall in love with yourself.

3. Switch off from social media for a while

Social media platforms can cause another hurting experience on top of the breakup pain. Your ex may post having fun with another guy or lady, and this might worsen your wound. Hence, keep off from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you may find the photos of your ex with their new lover. Besides, it will be easier to forget them when you no longer see them.

4. Keep yourself busy

Don’t pity-party after losing your relationship! Instead, find something to keep yourself busy all day. Some ways to remain active and avoid stress include finding a job, engaging in a hobby during your free time, and hanging out with friends. When your mind is engaged, you will stop thinking about your ex and what they did to you.

5. Have a support system

The post-breakup period is usually a tough time for everyone. It becomes challenging to heal all by yourself, and therefore, you need a support system. Find your true friends and tell them what happened. They will help you figure out your healing journey, and they will keep you company in your low moments.

6. Plan your future without including them

Going through a breakup is not the end of you- you still have to pursue your dreams and visions. If you had included your ex in your plans, sit down and replan without them. Reschedule what you need to achieve in the next couple of years without them. You can still make it without them!

7. Accept what happened, but don’t dwell on it.

One of the best ways to get rid of your ex is reaching a place of acceptance. It is crucial to accept that the relationship is over, and you can’t run away from this reality. However, as you accept, don’t dwell on what happened, as this can cause pain and negative emotions.

8. Get rid of everything that connects you back to them.

Relationships connect people, but you have to break the bond after parting ways. If there is anything in your house that keeps reminding you of your ex, dispose of it. Besides, block them on all your social media accounts, delete their photos, and in case you have been invited to a party by your friends, check if your ex is coming. This is because the more you disconnect with your ex, the easier it becomes to get over them.

9. Take a break

Do you want to heal completely after a painful breakup? If yes, give yourself a break and avoid running into another relationship immediately. Taking a break allows you to refocus and align yourself again. Besides, it allows you to heal emotionally for the success of your next relationship. Therefore, take a pose after parting ways with your ex to rediscover yourself.

10. Let go of the blame

Who made your relationship crumble down? Is it your or your ex? You might be asking yourself all this questions but aren’t fair to yourself. You have to stop the blame, shame, guilt in you. It will help you to reclaim your freedom and power as an individual. As a result, you can still mingle and carry on your activities without feeling unworthy.

11. Work on yourself

Don’t wait for someone else to come and make you better after a ruined relationship. You have to shake off the pain and work on yourself to get over the hurting experience. Work on your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. When you embrace self-care, you will feel better and find your new self.

Lost relationship healing process
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12. Don’t worry about your age.

Don’t look at the clock and especially for women. Don’t worry when you will get love again, get married and bear children. It is better to heal first to be able to take care of the next relationship.

Besides, The Journal of Positive Psychology research shows that it takes about 11 weeks to feel better after a breakup. Therefore, do not be in a rush. Take your time, dear!

13. Don’t repay

Breakup sucks, right? But you don’t have to repay for the pain you are going through. Do not go to social media platforms to insult your ex. This is because instead of healing and letting go, you will harbor more pain and resentment. Embrace yourself and forget the past to overcome the hurting feelings.

14. Find a new hobby

After losing a relationship, you might find yourself thinking a lot in your free time. Find a new hobby that keeps your mind and body engaged. It will help you release the energy you could have used to think about why you broke up with your ex, why he left, and what you did wrong. As a result, you will think less about your partner who walked away a week or month ago.

15. Seek professional support

Apart from playing your role after losing a relationship, you can seek advice from a breakup coach. You will let go of the pain through the therapy sessions and focus on building yourself without your ex.

If it proves hard to heal on your own, seek counseling from a professional, and you find it easy to forgive.

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16. Give yourself time to heal.

Healing from a breakup is a process that requires patience and the right attitude. Take your time, and don’t rush into things. Besides, mingle with new people, create new memories, and with time you will get over it.

17. Move to a new environment.

If you have already moved in with your partner and have to part ways, relocating to a new house is better. This is because the environment will remind you of them, and it can be challenging to get over it. However, if you cannot relocate, you can redecorate the house and do away with anything that reminds you of your ex.

18. Avoid contacting them

One of the biggest mistakes you can make after losing love is to keep checking on your ex. Instead, delete their contact, block them from your social media accounts for a faster recovery process. When you keep contacting this person, you might end up more hurt instead of healing.

19. Take care of your physical health.

Going through a breakup is not the end of the world. You have to look good and move on with your journey. Therefore, ensure that you eat well, exercise, bathe and dress up nicely. Self-care will make you feel better and love yourself.

There are many online platforms for people going breakup healing. Therefore, do not close yourself up but rather join such groups to learn new things. Besides, you can get genuine friends from such a forum who will help you walk through the journey of healing.

21. Set new boundaries

What led to your breakup? It is crucial to reflect and see where the other person went wrong. This will help you set new boundaries that will guide you when you want to start another relationship.

22. Be positive that you can love again.

Most people, when they go through a breakup, find it hard to love again. They fear they might undergo the same betrayal they went through in their previous relationship. However, you can still find another person who can love you and respect your union.

😎 Things you can do to get over a breakup 😎

Feeling lonely
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Going through a breakup is painful, sad, draining, and one of the worst experiences in life. However, you can overcome if you decide.

Here are some of the things you can do after losing a relationship to get over it;

➽ Tell your story

Most women heal when they talk about what they have been going through. When it comes to broken relationships, you can tell your story to your close friends and relatives. Your heart finds it easy to let go of the person who wronged you through talking about it.

However, don’t go telling everyone or posting on social media. You will attract negativity which will slow your recovery journey.

➽ Give yourself some space.

Giving yourself some space to recover is very important after a breakup. You can do so by keeping off social media platforms and not going to places where you are likely to meet your ex. It will give you a chance to overcome your feelings towards that person and refocus on yourself.

➽ Go for that vacation you have longed for

After losing the love of your life, it is time to love yourself back. Spend time taking care of yourself by going for that one vacation you had longed for with friends or alone. Go to the beach, swim, relax and eat your favorite dish. As you refresh, you will be able to overcome the breakup agony.

➽ Try new places

Go to new places that you have never gone with your ex to erase their memories. Try out a new restaurant and shopping mall to create new experiences. The fresh memories help you accept that you can do it independently, and a breakup is not the end of life.

➽ Express your feelings

Every person goes through an emotional experience after losing a relationship. You may feel angry, betrayed, guilty, and disappointed. To let go of this emotions, express yourself to the right people. Go to that one friend you trust and express yourself.

Besides, you can write down how you feel in your journal. As you journal down your feelings, you are relieving yourself.

➽ Spend time outside

Do not close yourself up after a breakup but rather mingle with people. Loneliness may lead to stress and, finally, depression. Find time to visit your friends and family and laugh together. It will help you heal the wound faster.

➽ Don’t indulge in alcohol and drugs.

Some people may find pleasure in alcohol and drugs after going through a breakup. However, you will forget about it for a moment, and when you are sober, the memories remain fresh. Besides, you put your health at risk.

☸ Ways to forget your ex ☸

Breakups hurt and leave people with wounds. However, you can choose to get over what happened and forget your ex to move on. It is a process, but darling, you can get back to singleness and enjoy.

Here are 7 ways to forget your ex after losing your relationship;

➯Don’t plan to meet them again 

If you have been dating for a long time, you might want to meet your ex to see if you can get back together. But wait! do you think you will solve your issues with one meeting if you never solved your issues before? Please avoid any excuse of wanting to meet them again to forget them as soon as you can.

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➯ Forgive yourself

Don’t blame yourself because of what happened, dear. If you keep blaming yourself every day, you won’t recover from your lost relationship. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and learn from them. Don’t allow the blame to make you feel bad about yourself because you need to move on.

➯ Indulge in healthy activities

in the process of getting over your ex, make yourself busy with healthy activities such as swimming, listening to music, and going to the gym. Avoid activities that will comprise your well-being because it is not over after a breakup. You still have a future!

➯ Let go of any reminder.

Maybe your love gave you a ring or a necklace as a sign of your union. However, you have to dump it after parting ways to erase their memories. Put away anything that keeps reminding you of them and your past because it could be hindering you from moving on.

➯ Pursue you passion

Wake up every day and pursue your career, dream, and what makes you happy. After losing a relationship, you will have all the time in the world. Utilize this time to pursue your passion for making yourself a better person. It will play a big role in helping you to forget your past with your ex.

Self love
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➯ Stop asking about them.

Don’t go to your ex’s friend to ask them about their whereabouts or if they moved on. It will awaken the wound, and you might get more hurt which is not healthy. Besides, when you meet with their friends, avoid any discussions that may arise concerning them.

➯ Fall in love with yourself

When people go through breakups, they might find themselves losing hope in relationships. Besides, some go through low self-esteem because they feel they are the ones to be blamed. It is okay to feel all this, but you have to love yourself.

One of the best ways to love yourself is writing down all your positive characters, eating well, and having enough sleep. You still have a family looking up to you, and the future has to happen.

❣ Emotional glow up tips ❣

Letting go
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After going through relationship loss, it is crucial to work on your emotional health to keep glowing. You don’t have to be sad forever because the truth is, you have to pull yourself and move on.

You can keep glowing post-breakup through the following ways;

➧ Affirm yourself

Most people lose their self-worth after their relationships have failed. They feel they are not worth and they no longer deserve to live. But guess what? It is not over because you can still pursue your life alone. Therefore, affirm that you can still make it without the other person. Besides, you can be buying affirmation cards to read them over and over to yourself.

➧ Set goals

Don’t shutter your lifetime goals because of someone else. Your future is still bright, and you can achieve your goals. Glow up by resetting your goals without your ex and pursue them like never before. Spend your time and energy on your goals instead of thinking about them.

➧ Detox your social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat can make you feel lesser when you lose your relationship. This is because you will frequently see other relationships that seem to be doing well, yet yours is a thing of the past. You can keep off from such platforms for your happiness and peace, which results in an emotional glow-up.

➧ Have enough sleep

According to an article written by Sleep Foundation, sufficient sleep helps the brain evaluate and remember thoughts and memories. As a result, you are emotionally healthy if you spend enough time sleeping because the brain can process emotional information. Hence, you will have an easy time overcoming the breakup emotions.

➧ Take care of yourself.

One of the key things you need to do after losing your relationship is taking care of yourself. This is because you can go mad and forget to bathe, eat and collect yourself for your future. Therefore, let self-care be a priority and not an option because you need to glow up in that phase of life.

➧ Let positivity be your thing!

Even if it is the other person who wronged you, remain positive about relationships. Don’t let what happened in the past steal your joy and energy. Instead, remain positive in every dimension of your life and don’t let negative vibes into your circle.

➧ Journal a lot

Research shows that a person with anxiety issues improves their wellbeing when they journal down their feelings. Within 12 weeks of writing down, you will be in a better place during a breakup period. Therefore, find a journal, write down how you feel, and be honest with yourself to glow up emotionally.

❌ Why should you not contact your ex after a breakup?❌

People who have gone through breakups can witness that it is tempting to contact your ex to see if you can get back together. However, one of the best ways to recover is to apply the no-contact rule after losing a love you had probably invested so much in.

According to Lee Wilson, a dating and breakup coach, “a no-contact rule is where you do not call, text, or message an ex in any way after the breakup. It includes not talking to their friends or family about them or the breakup itself”.

It takes courage, commitment, and a positive attitude to execute this rule because you are cutting cords with some you loved and hoped to build a family. However, after losing the love relationship, letting go and cutting communication with this person makes you feel like the burden has been lifted away.

The no-contact rule has the following benefits after parting ways;

➩ It gives you time to grieve

It is okay to cry, feel betrayed, angry and disappointed by your partner after leaving you. Therefore, people need time and space to mourn over their broken relationships. However, this can be done perfectly when you are not communicating with your ex because you are no longer attached to them, and you are real to yourself.

➩ You avoid unnecessary embarrassment

Have you ever called or texted someone, and they failed to respond even after weeks? It makes you feel lesser and embarrassed because it seems you are the one bothering the other person. Hence, avoid such demeaning occasions by not contacting your ex.

➩ It allows you to reflect and put things back in order

When you no longer communicate with your ex, you can reflect on yourself and what you want in life. It gives you a chance to plan your life without the other person. As a result, you put things back to place and move on with life alone as you wait to find love again.

➩ It gives you a chance to recover, reinvent and redefine yourself

Truth be told, if you stick to a broken relationship, you won’t be able to recover and move on with life. However, if you keep off from your ex, you will heal from the pain. After recovering, you can set your goals and dreams to take the right course in life.

➩ It helps you reset your boundaries

After losing a relationship, you wouldn’t want to fall in love again with someone who will cross your boundaries. Besides, it is easier to set your new boundaries without reminding your ex because your mind is clear, and there is no other influence.

❖ Can you move on without closure? ❖

It is possible to move on
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It is a question many people ask themselves after they lose a relationship they were hoping will bear a family. It is painful when your partner leaves you without giving a reason or saying goodbye.

However, it is possible to move on without closure because you cannot keep demanding it.

Here are some tips to help you face the world after breaking with your love without closure;

  1. Forgetting about closure is the first thing to your journey of recovery. Don’t look for closure from your partner, especially if you have demanded it without a response. This is because if you search for it repeatedly, you will become bitter instead of moving on.
  2. Second, recognize that the other person has left you, and you have to figure things out alone. Mourn the death of your relationship but be willing to move on and let go of the past.
  3. Third, do not hope too much. Avoid thinking that maybe they will come back and apologize because it causes bitterness if they don’t. It leads to disappointment which hinders you from focusing on your recovery process.
  4. Fourth, find a friend, family member, or a counselor to talk to. Pour out how you feel being left without an explanation. It causes relief, and you will find it easy to let go and focus on your life.
  5. Finally, forgive. You might be wondering what to forgive because the relationship ended without notice. However, do it because you cannot keep holding them in your heart forever if they don’t apologize. Therefore, forgive them for leaving you even without closure to heal completely.

✘ Why you should never get back to an ex? ✘

Have you ever thought of getting back with your ex? It can be tempting to accept them back, especially when they apologize and promise to improve things.

However, relationship coaches advise that you should never get back with your ex because it has consequences.

Some of the reasons you should not feel like going back to your ex includes;

➸ You might end up in another breakup.

Your ex may make you feel good just because they want to get back in your life. However, their behavior might be the same. They might still be cheating or doing things that lead to parting ways. If you get back to them, this may reoccur, and you end up in another painful relationship loss. Therefore, keep off from them and do not entertain them back.

➸ You never resolved your issues.

Remember that you broke up with your ex because you never resolved your issues. Therefore, when you choose to accept them back, you still have unsettled disputes you have to solve first. This can be dangerous because you are opening a wound that has started to heal or had healed completely.

➸ It can be emotionally abusive.

Imagine getting back to the same environment of physical attack, insults, and betrayal? When you get back to your partner and repeat their wayward behavior, you will be emotionally drained. Therefore, keep off for your emotional wellbeing.

➸ It can be hard to trust them again.

Most people who have broken up with their partners and come back to try another relationship find it hard to trust. This is because you never know if the person changed or they are pretending. Hence, there is no need to get back to them because you will struggle to trust them no matter what they do.

➸ Things can never go back the way they were

You had made good memories with your partner before things went south. However, things can never go back to the way they were because you still remember what they did. And maybe, whenever you see them, they remind you of pain and the agony you went through.

☫ Conclusion ☫

Losing a relationship is one of the worst things to experience in life. However, you have to embrace yourself and move on because it is not the end of the world. Therefore, you have to let go of your ex to heal.

✡ Relevant Questions ✡

How do you heal a broken heart?

If your heart is broken, possibly because of losing your love, you can heal. Some of the ways to recover include giving yourself time, talking to close friends and family, and accepting you have lost it, but you have to keep going. Besides, you can engage in hobbies you love and take care of yourself.

How do you stop heartbreak pain?

Overcoming breakup pain is possible if you are willing to go through the process. You can say no to the pain by expressing your emotions, cutting any connection with your ex, keeping yourself busy, and pursuing your passion. Also, forgive and let go of the person.

How can I move on and be happy?

The journey to living happily after losing a relationship begins with grieving and accepting what happened. Then, choose to love yourself and do away with any blame within you. Finally, organize your life again without the other person.

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