Does My Boyfriend Love Me? (22 Signs To Confirm)

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If your boyfriend is in love with you, how will you know for sure? The question remains still in your head that those are just mere words. You need a good sign to make yourself calm and assured. Instead of words, you want some actions maybe that can really tell you the relationship you have with your partner is full of love.

You won’t like a guy who is just words, right? You want someone who truly loves you and respects you. Someone who makes you feel good. A person who knows and understands what true love really means. Who is not only looking for sex.

It’s a worry that won’t leave your head. It will truly make you afraid and leave you wondering like you just won’t know what to do. A relationship is based on mutual understandings. And if you have doubts about your boyfriend loving you then let me help you a bit.

If you find yourself worried, troubled, and just can’t solve this matter then don’t worry much, I believe I have the answer you are looking for.

In this article, I will show and discuss 22 signs with you that your boyfriend loves you truly. I am willing to give you my opinion and advice on this matter. It’s gonna be a lengthy one my friends so grab your popcorn and let’s have some talks about finding that answer for you

To answer, “Does My Boyfriend Love Me? “- Here are the 22 signs for you to confirm!

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1. He can’t take his eyes off of you

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Someone who truly loves you will stare at you for hours and never get bored. He will not only become dreamy when he sees you but will take every chance he gets to kiss you whenever he gazes into your beautiful eyes.

It’s a good sign to be assured that your boyfriend’s feelings about you are much more than you anticipated. Maybe he won’t show much with his actions but the eyes are the gateway to our soul. And he can tell you things with his eyes alone.

So be a good reader of his eyes and understand that what really is a priority for him. His actions may lie but his eyes won’t. They always give an answer when you are in search of it.

2. He keeps his promises

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If your boyfriend loves you then he will keep his promises in a relationship.

If your boyfriend says he loves you and he promised you that. Then look for a sign that he is keeping that promise intact. If he does, then there is your answer.

Of course, there might be times when the saying “Promises are meant to be broken” may come true. But make sure it’s never related to you or your relationship with him.

A lot of problems can simply be fixed with only talking so don’t be afraid and let him notice that his girlfriend is worried about his promises. Don’t be afraid but be free around him. Only then you will know what’s really inside his heart for you.

If he treats you well then spend more time with him. Make his family and friends your priority too because that’s how it is in our lives. Those matter to him as well while you matter the most.

If he does not change and be the same guy you fell in love with then he surely and truly loves you to the brim of his heart.

3. His favorite time of the day is you, you and you

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When you are in a relationship with someone you might have noticed that boys have a lot of different interests. Like cars, threads, sports, video games, hanging out with friends, going to clubs, etc.

In a relationship, you can find out what does he make a priority. Is it you? is it his hobby? Or maybe talking? Sex?

Like everyone else, there is nothing wrong to deal with such questions. It’s a basic and straightforward question that you can ask yourself. Okay, I have to find out what his priority is the most.

But then you find out that his favorite part of the day is you. He leaves everything behind and just focuses all his attention on you and you only. It gives a clear sign that your boyfriend really loves you.

You are his ideal girlfriend and he can’t wait to meet you soon while he is at work. Even at work, he calls you to make sure you really are his one and only.

If he ditches his things and gives his time to you then of course without a doubt he is crazily madly beautifully in love with you. He treats you with respect and value you more than anyone. That’s true magic right there.

4. He doesn’t judge you, ever!

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You are lucky if you are with someone who never judges you. A partner like that will take a lot of searching nowadays because such a person is a gem. And gems are very rare to find. If you are wondering what I mean then let me clarify.

We all are different right? Everyone has some things that may not be something other people like. For example, some guys have a loud voice with that epic bass in it. Or some guys just are too shy and always look down as if they are nervous. Dating different people gives us different results right?

So if you have a guy or a partner who brushes aside all the little things that may not be so likable then you just have found someone who is willing to do spend all his life with you.

Don’t hide. It shouldn’t define your relationship with him. If he loves you then he will ignore those things and will make an effort to be comfortable around you. No matter what.

5. Your dreams are important to him

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You might have shared your dreams with family and friends before. But when you start dating and eventually get into a relationship. Your boyfriend becomes a part of your dreams and support as well.

If you find his feelings to be supportive of your dreams and future goals then you should respect that part about him. Say, he supports you in your adventure of life. He gives you advice every time you need one.

Such guys are extremely rare. He is making an effort to make you into a better person. Doesn’t it say clearly that your boyfriend loves your dreams as much as you do?

Isn’t that what you call an ideal relationship? A boyfriend who loves you will not only support your dreams but help you achieve them.

Your search is over already if you found a person who supports your dreams. That’s a partner everyone wants. It shows how much you meant to him when he is giving it all to make all your dreams and wishes come true.

Don’t look for an answer when you find a guy like him, that’s my advice. Make this article be a clear sign for you to find a partner just like this one, a supportive kind.

6. He protects you from harm

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There is a thing called ” The Hero Instinct” in men that may trigger whenever they feel you need some protection. You could think of it like it was written in men’s DNA. That could be a better example.

The fact they show you that side of them means you are the most important person in their life. It’s a clear sign of a guy who could be head over heels for you.

But how can you be sure that he is that? Does he often worry about you and take care of you? Are his concerns about your safety top priority for him? Does he treat you with goodies when you are feeling down? Does he try to cheer you up when you feel sad? Does he take care of you when you are sick?

Things like that ignite the Hero Instincts in a guy and women really love and look for that in a partner. He wants to protect you from harm at all costs because you are his girlfriend, and he is afraid to let harm near you.

7. He makes you feel safe and secure

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If you have found a partner who understands your feelings, who have plans to make a family with you, and has massive respect for you.

Who makes an effort to make you feel like you are the call for his greatest wish. He makes you feel safe in a relationship and try to secure that bond with as much power as he can.

Emotions and feelings feel like an important factor to him. Then, my friend, all these things says one thing and one thing only. He is madly in love with you.

Everyone wants to be in a relationship that is secure and safe. In my opinion, every relationship should be secure. Won’t you agree? There is respect in there and affection. And trust.

8. He doesn’t hide you from his family and friends

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Family and friends both are important to the boyfriend and girlfriend equally. They are the people who were with you when he wasn’t around. So his relationships with them hold a special place in his heart. Of course, they are important and he equally loves them too.

If he is not shy and introduces you to his family and friends proudly then I really love that. I must say, not many people share that.

If he is happy with that then it means he likes you and no one else can make him feel this way but only you. If he says he’s proud of you, if he says you are his better half and don’t hesitate to share that with family and friends then you should feel lucky.

9. He relies on you

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I love it when I hear that “my boyfriend came to me for advice”. It clearly shows he is not just physical with you but respects you and takes your feelings into consideration as well.

He talks with you on topics that bother him and ask you for help. He could go anywhere right? but if he comes to you first then what does it say about him?

It means he wants to hear an answer from you first. He makes sure your words matter as much as his best friend. If he asks YOU questions about his life and dreams then that’s what we call love.

In life, we have many tough choices to make and if you have the right partner beside you who really loves you, then there is nothing to be afraid of. I genuinely love that in relationships.

10. He replies to your messages right away

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Communication in relationships is important. If he enjoys calling you every now and then or if he responds to your messages quickly or if he is the type of person who frees his time to just have a talk with you then I believe love is there.

There is no talking about it. It just shows how special you are in his life. His phone may ring many times in a day but all he waits for is his favorite notification in a day. From you!

It’s a sign that I really love and care about. Words that carry feelings are so much fun right? Find a guy who will call you and talk about you and talk about waiting for your messages to arrive and talk about the future and life with you.

It’s a clear sign of exceptional love. Find that guy and be happy all your life.

Someone who makes an effort to talk with you shows how much he loves you so if you are dating or if you have already found a partner like that. Then don’t look for the answer to your question anymore because Yes, your boyfriend indeed loves you the most.

11. He enjoys spending time with you

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Some of the signs your boyfriend might give you unexpectedly about his love. But don’t be alarmed or worried.

It’s not always like that. While dating you might notice that your boyfriend wants to have a relationship where he wants to spend most of his time with you.

He loves to hang around and be clingy with you. It may feel like he knows that you love that as well. He feels free around you and can say anything he wants.

Because he is in love with you. Your boyfriend really loves you a lot. If he values you more than anything then you found your answer already.

12. He gets jealous sometimes

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Love is a universal language. If you are wondering why I am mentioning the obvious, well it’s because in all physical relationships, or while you are still dating or you are in a relationship with the family. You might feel jealous. It’s okay, it’s natural to feel jealous but don’t be too jealous.

A cute jealousy feeling in a boyfriend is a good sign actually. If your boyfriend really loves you then he might feel jealousy on some occasions. I know that because that’s what everyone says about relationships.

Normal jealousy is ok but too much jealousy can lead to the destruction of a relationship. So, always know that and don’t make a wrong decision while choosing someone.

13. He really loves to be intimate with you

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In a relationship, your boyfriend might be craving your body all the time. It’s natural instinct of a man to want a woman’s body. I mean I am clearly talking about sex here but what does true intimacy really mean to you? Is sex everything in a physical relationship? What about cuddling? or random kisses? or holding hands?

If your boyfriend really initiates intimacy by sharing feelings or he wants to hug you. Embrace you. Play with your hair and call you cute names.

He truly loves you because you have him the sign that yes, you are making an effort and I am appreciating it. You are someone I need in my life. Who I can be free with. With whom I can be intimate and discuss serious topics too.

14. Go with your instinct

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What is it that you love the most? Do you love dating? Do you love questioning yourself? Do you love to find a partner? Do you love to make calls and have sex talk? Do you know who asks such questions like that? Someone who is in self-doubt. It doesn’t feel good at all when you have a mentality like that.

Instead of asking yourself whether your boyfriend loves you or not. Just go with your gut and trust it. Men don’t say much about feelings most of the time. They like it that way. If they are not willing to show then simply go with your instincts.

15. He accepts your past, present, and future

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It’s a great sign that your boyfriend truly loves you when he accepts you in all shapes of forms. Love is something that has many definitions. Like love is this and love is that. And there are arguments too about love like, love is hard, love is true, love is magical, etc. But what is the correct definition of love?

My friend, I have the best answer for that. And let me just say it’s the best one I know right now.

Love Is You

Words cannot describe love but you can. Your boyfriend really loves you if he knows this. Because he is, then he will not waste any time by accepting your past, present, and your future.

16. He shows you all kinds of love

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“Only you can love me this way” is a really nice song. I know that song because, well I am kind of in love too. And let me say and share with you that there are many ways to show love. Know and remember that. Know that if your boyfriend looks at you with a deep gaze, that is love. Know that if he writes a song for you, that is love. Know that if he shows his emotions to you, that is love. Know that if he calls you romantic names, that is love.

A guy who make effort to make you happy and smile surely shows he is boyfriend material. He is not shy or hesitates when he says he loves you.

17. He uses his words to describe his feelings for you

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I believe that if somebody is willing to write a huge, long message or a letter for you about his love for you, then it’s actually a big deal. Why? Because he can say whatever he wants but notice that he only mentions you in his words. He chose you to talk about. It’s a sign or one of the many signs that might come along in the future.

Such signs show that if there is somebody who loves to talk with you, he will make a really great effort to do so.

So if you get those long, lovely, sweet messages or texts then know that your boyfriend really loves to talk with you. And love you with his everything. And you should consider making him your partner for the long run.

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18. He helps you whenever you need it

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Your boyfriend really loves you when he shows signs that he is the guy you should depend on. He’s there to answer your every call and deals with anything you need help with. He helps you keep your emotions in check and treats you and your relationship with him with respect and solves your every matter.

He won’t hesitate to reach out to his friends in his life to help you too. If your partner calls everyone just to find an answer for you then your partner is just beyond my words. He is helpful, kind, and gives his time to you. He spends hours, days, weeks to just let you find comfort in the relationship.

19. He makes you laugh

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In a relationship, if your boyfriend makes effort to make you laugh most of the time and make you feel like you are truly his then he will do anything to make you smile.

Making you laugh is his way of giving you signs that he is so much in love with you. If he is a funny guy and tries to lighten up the mood in a relationship. Know that he will search for any way to keep that smile on you. That’s true love right there.

20. He misses you all the time

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Someone who loves you will miss you when you are not near. If you are in a relationship and your boyfriend sends you words about him missing you then feel really lucky because your presence means a lot to him.

He spends his time thinking about you and yearning for you. Guys like this are full of emotions and are wondering to know, how you are doing? Because they love you that much.

21. He doesn’t give up on you, no matter what

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In a relationship, people say all kinds of things. Guys or girls both sometimes talk about things that may make the relationship sour. But if your boyfriend searches for a solution and stays no matter what then this could mean and can be a sign that he is in love with you.

22. He is proud of you

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In this article, we have discussed many signs to answer your question about your boyfriend loving you. If you really love somebody then you should be proud of having them. Full stop.

If your partner is proud of you then, of course, He could really love you with his everything. I can say that with great confidence.

You should say the same to your partner, that you are proud of him too, and see how your relationship fills up with love.

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What are the common words of affirmation from someone who loves you?

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❤️️ I Love You

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Probably the most common and most used phrase in the world to show love. I Love You is the most accurate affirmation and sign that you deeply care about somebody. You feel and know that you are loved when somebody says that to you. Of course, love is something that makes and doesn’t make sense at the same time. That’s the beauty of it.

❤️️ I feel happiest when you laugh

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When you are dating somebody, you often offer compliments. It shows the person that you are interested in or in love with them. It affirms that you want a relationship with them because you love them. A small compliment about someone’s smile may seem insignificant to you but let me say this to help you understand.

That a smile goes a long way. It can strum the strings of your heart and make you sing. This whole article is about strumming hearts and helping you find the answer. So, love his smile and let him love yours.

❤️️ You are my everything

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When you mean the world to your partner, it automatically affirms love in a relationship. If your boyfriend says that you are his everything then what better affirmation do you need? Just accept that compliment and believe in his words.

❤️️ I am proud of you

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If he is proud to have you in his life, if he introduces you to his friends and he is proud to call you his better half, then you have found your answer already. There is no need for affirmation because he gave you the answer already by being proud of you.

❤️️ I am luckiest to be your partner 

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If he feels the luckiest to have you in his life then your boyfriend might be in love with you. He affirms and confirms it by making you his luckiest thing he could get. He can’t believe his luck to have a person like you to have a relationship with.

💓 Do these signs predict the future of your relationship? 💓

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This article was all about signs of love. Finding love and answering the question of boyfriend loving you. You must know the answer to that already right?

Yes, it does predict the future of a relationship. But we are just humans, we can’t always be so sure. But signs like these can help us have a better understanding at least. It might not be perfect but it’s not wrong either.

I really do hope that this article helps you somewhat in finding the right answer. I don’t want you to deal with self-doubt and spend time thinking about whether your boyfriend will love you or not. Ignore what others think and just be your unique self.

You can shape the outcome of your relationship on your own. Trust in your partner, get rid of self-doubt, take advice ( Any from this article ), and feel free in a relationship. Don’t be constrained and let these signs help you with finding the answer, click this to know more about your partner!

☺️ Different language and emotions that boyfriends express ☺️

Boyfriends are just like you. The only difference is their gender. The majority of the men are protective, proud, and caring. Deep down they want to communicate with you properly but they just don’t know-how. They are often confused about this and thus cannot express it in a better way.

They all type of emotions but they tend to keep them inside and express them in actions, rather than words.

💌 What are the signs that he is serious? 💌

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📀 He loves to call you

📀 He has plans for the future with you

📀 He make you his priority No.1

📀 He wants to start a family with you

📀 He wants to marry you at all costs


To summarize this whole article, the signs are only here to help you find an answer.

While you have to think about your whole with your partner. So instead of doing a search for an answer, search for everlasting love.

Find a guy who has any of those signs because that guy will do anything to make you his partner in his life. And he won’t stop loving you.

He won’t be shy about it but will show you every day that you are his special lady.

Hope this article serves as advice for you and an answer at the same time.

Relevant Questions

Q: Why does my boyfriend love me?

A: Because you are his Everything. His pride and joy.

Q: How much does my boyfriend love me?

A: To the moon and back. Enough that it will last for a lifetime.

Q: Why do people cheat on people they love?

A: Because of drama, trust issues, absence of love, and commitment issues.


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