How Does C60 Help Improve Digestion and Overall Body Health

Your health is important to you. To improve it further, you have the option to take C60, which has promising health benefits. Not only it helps improve digestion, but it also helps maintain healthy gut cells and promotes a balance of healthy bacteria in the body. Know more about how C60 helps improve your body health. ~ Ed.

How does C60 Help Improve Digestion and Overall Body Health?

Carbon 60, also called C60, is a football-shaped molecule comprising 60 carbon atoms. At its inception, C60 was mostly used for electronics and nanotechnology. Its use cases have now expanded to the field of medicine.

Although research is still ongoing, C60 has been used for treating acne, aging skin, and other conditions, with most people recording positive results. Besides, C60 is known to be a powerful antioxidant that can protect the body from oxidative damage.

Because of its ability to detoxify the body, many people now suggest that C60 can be used for improving gut health, particularly for people with digestive and metabolic issues.

Signs that Your Body is not Processing Food Correctly

Considering the amount of money and time spent on buying and preparing food, it’s wasteful to have an improperly functioning digestive system. A healthy gut boosts your immune system, elevates your moods, and reduces the risk of autoimmune and endocrine diseases, skin conditions, and some cancers.

Here are some signs that your digestive system is not processing food correctly:

Upset Stomach

Bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and heartburn all point to an unhealthy gut. Most of these occur when food isn’t completely digested, or the gut has difficulties in eliminating waste from your body.

Greasy-looking Stool

If your stool has a pale colour, oily appearance, and a foul odour, you are suffering from steatorrhea. This often indicates that your gut isn’t breaking down fat correctly, mostly as a result of intolerance of gluten and dairy products.

Sudden Weight Change

A sudden change in body weight can be a sign that your digestive system has some issues. When your gut doesn’t function properly, it impairs the absorption of nutrients, regulation of blood sugar, and storing of fats. This leads to insulin resistance and an insatiable appetite, eventually resulting in increased weight. On the other hand, losing weight usually shows that there’s bacterial overgrowth in your small intestines.

Poor Sleep

The gut produces serotonin, a hormone associated with better sleep and elevated moods. If your digestive system isn’t working properly, you are likely to experience poor sleep or insomnia.

How C60 Works

Here are some of the ways through which C60 can improve your digestion and overall body health.

C60 Helps You Establish Healthy Digestion Quickly and Effectively

C60 works to support healthy digestion in several ways. First, its antioxidant properties make your cell more efficient, which results in higher production of ATP. This is the molecule that synthesises glucose to produce energy.

Additionally, C60 improves metabolism. This makes it an excellent choice for people who want to lose weight.

Relieves the Oxidative Load on Your Body

Although your body eliminates oxidative toxins naturally through the gut, the foods you eat and other factors can overload the system, causing it to malfunction. The unique structure of C60 makes the molecule behave like a free radical sponge that can neutralise up to 100 times more free radicals than other antioxidants.

Promotes a Balance of Beneficial Bacteria

Your body needs bacteria for several processes, including digestion. C60 promotes the growth of these beneficial bacteria by improving the metabolism of oxygen. With more oxygen, the environment becomes more favourable.

C60 Helps Maintain Healthy Gut Cells

Inflammation of the gut lining is the leading cause of chronic diseases such as leaky gut syndrome and IBS. This impairs your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, which can cause further problems, including anaemia, hormonal imbalance, low bone density, and weight fluctuation.

When taken orally, C60 repairs your gut lining by inhibiting inflammation and facilitating the growth of new gut tissue. Once repaired, your body starts absorbing nutrients effectively.

Final Words

Despite its numerous benefits, C60 can have adverse effects if used incorrectly. This is particularly true because it’s not a prescription drug.

When starting, aim for 1mg/kg of your weight. With time, you might increase the dosage to get your desired outcome. The best way to be sure about the right amount is by consulting people who are already using the product.

Lastly, it’s advisable to take C60 orally, though some people apply it to their skin. Avoid injecting it, as this is needlessly painful and ineffective. It can also be toxic if you inject too much of the product.

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