Bizarre Ways To Diet That People Really Try (Part II)

If part I wasn’t shocking enough (or you didn’t read it yet), we at Nutright bring to you part II of bizarre diets that exist for real and these are really unusual, even for western standards. We Pakistani’s only resort to crash diet plans and surgery because by the time we realize that we are getting too big for our own good, paani sar ke upr se guzr chuka hota hai for which we resort to extreme measures. We’re certain that even you wouldn’t want to try these measures even if it’s your own damn wedding! (DISCLAIMER: DO NOT TRY AT HOME)

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The Cotton Ball Diet

Cotton Ball Diet

One of the most popular diets that have been roaming around for years in the western world is the Cotton Ball diet, models and obsessive weight loss seekers are said to use it. What happens in this is that you soak 5-6 cotton balls in orange juice and you suck on them in your mouth before swallowing them in an attempt to curb your hunger. That’s all it takes, just a few cotton balls, every day, till you lose weight until you choke on the inedible item you are eating and the surgery you might require after eating too much of it.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

Sleeping beauty diet

Sleeping, the best solution to everything in life. What you need for this diet is a bed, a doctor and a few shots of sedatives to knock you out for a good amount of time every day. So, goodbye education, employment, and living. The logic behind this diet is that when you’re asleep you don’t eat and when you don’t eat you don’t get fat and sleeping increases metabolism. What is a concern here is that firstly you do nothing in your life but sleep, so basically your life is over and you’re not getting any nutrition or exercise? In all honesty, anyone who dies during this will have “death by diet” written on their gravestone.

The Feeding Tube Diet

The feeding tube diet

Just hearing the term feeding tube makes you think of a hospital bed with you on it with a gazillion strange stuff poking in and out of you. A feeding tube is attached to those people who otherwise cannot eat anything for some medical reason and they are put on a liquid diet so that they can get some nutrition. But the case here is just ridiculous, you have a feeding tube attached to you for 10 days where eat and drink nothing and voila; you lose weight. And even after these 10 days you still want to lose more, get hospitalized again after 10 days. Imagine walking around with your dinner attached to your nose for 10 days and what happens after you stop this diet eh?

The Tapeworm Diet

Tapeworm diet

Saved the best for last. Yep, you know it, the tapeworm diet. And this is not a fancy name, it’s a literal tapeworm or its babies involved. The diet involves you having to eat capsules that have tapeworm eggs in them and what it does is that these parasites get into your system and eat on you giving you nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea and when you got nothing in your system, you don’t get fat! Oh, and not to mention that if these worms move from your intestines to other parts, you could get fever, infections, organ damage and eventual death or if you stay alive you’ll be an apartment to them for more or less 30 years or so and would need surgery.