Fed up with your weight loss efforts? ‘Window Eating’ can be a safe bet

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Are you fed up with your weight loss efforts?

Play safe with ‘Window Eating’.

fed up with your weight loss efforts? Play safe with 'Window Eating'.
window eating for weight loss has shown that eating healthy within a time window, works well along with the exercises to build muscle Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Hey dearies

With Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival season has already kicked in and has brought along the fear of weight loss efforts’ failures. As a kid, I used to love these festive months from September to January just for the reason that we would get the best of Indian sweets and goodies to eat but the same few months have become my nightmares now as a menopausal woman. I hate the feeling when you see so many sweet goodies all around you yet can’t dare to eat your heartful. Growing up for heavy women is no fun, I tell you. So this year I have thought of a trick and it is working too. I am sincerely doing ‘Window Eating’ these days.

Talking about ‘Window Eating’, well it is nothing but Intermittent fasting with a new name tweak. We had been talking a lot about Intermittent Fasting and eating windows on this blog but if you still need to know more, check on these links here and here.

Nowadays most of the celebrities are also trying Intermittent fasting and Window eating as the easiest way to lose weight and stay healthy. Read our story on Ram Kapoor here. If you are a working individual I feel that Window eating can work wonders for your weight loss goals. The main reason behind it is that you can eat everything in small portions within the eating window which is generally from 12 noon to 7 or 8 pm. So you see meal wise you are just missing out on your breakfast.

While checking the research based on window eating for weight loss has shown that eating healthy within a time window, works well along with the exercises to build muscle.

Window eating if done with a resistance training schedule can help in gaining muscles while losing fat. Not only that, the ones who follow window eating diet plan for weight loss get into the habit of eating small meals leading to lesser calorie intake.

It has been pointed out that most of the people who gain weight, drink less water (though personally speaking I do not agree to it) and while following time based window eating plan they consume a lot of liquids as they are not supposed to consume any calories during fasting time. Thus that automatically increases their fluid intake. For knowing what kinds of beverages are allowed during fasting window you can read this here…

Window eating diet is beneficial for almost everyone if they are not facing any serious illness or on medications for lowering blood sugar levels, or are type 2 diabetics. Any one going for intermittent fasting plan, or time restricted eating can benefit from it without doing any heavy exercise. Not only for losing weight and reducing blood sugar levels this diet protocol also helps in reducing inflammation in general and gut microbiome.

I can vouch for it personally that anyone following window eating for losing weight do not lose anything since there is no downsides to this way of eating. I have seen my gut healing following it. Time-restricted eating is also beneficial for all those like me who fail to maintain daily calorie restrictions. When I have less time to eat to sustain longer fasting period, naturally I try to eat food that fills me better with volume like greens, salads and healthy carbs and proteins.

Interestingly these days most of the weight loss success stories that I read all over the internet and print media happens to be 16:8 diet, which is another name for Intermittent fasting. There are simple rules to follow if you wish to try losing weight following it.

  • Eat your first meal at 12 noon and keep eating smaller meals till 8 pm.
  • Choose healthy carbs, proteins and fiber for meals.
  • Have fruits and salads as snacks.
  • You can have your favorite junk in moderation.
  • From 8 pm to 12 noon have black coffee, tea, green tea, and lots of water.
  • Exercise half an hour twice a day.

Window Eating diet is a great way to heal your gut as the long non eating period gives time to let the food digest properly leading to better health benefits. If you do it sincerely, believe me you can lose up to four to five kg weight and many inches in a month. Try it to understand the benefits.