Make Your Personal PCOD Diet Plan; Top Tips

PCOD Diet Plan

PCOD Diet Plan

Tips to make your personal PCOD Diet Plan

PCOD is caused by hormonal imbalance, which is directly linked to problems in metabolism. This is one such health problem among women aged between 20-40 that affects their reproductive health. Following a PCOD Diet Plan that consists of healthy food options to ease symptoms becomes a must for sufferers.

Women suffering from PCOS have higher levels of androgens and testosterone. These cause Hirsutism, irregular or painful menstrual cycles, acne, and ovarian cysts. Most PCOS patients become overweight and tend to get fat around the belly. It is due to this excess weight associated with PCOS that few other health issues start to develop like joint pain, sleep apnea, and even trouble in conceiving.

PCOD Diet Plan can help to control symptoms 

It has been observed that PCOD symptoms can be soothed with a customized PCOD Diet Plan. There are various options to manage PCOD symptoms and making certain lifestyle changes can lead to long-term benefits. The basic advice that experts give to PCOD sufferers is making dietary changes.  PCOD patients need to focus on the link between metabolism and mental health too. Here we are today to help women make a successful strategy to help with inflammation and insulin resistance. This can be easily done by making the right food choices.

Make Your Personal PCOD Diet Plan; top tips to follow

Right food choices matter a lot if you are dealing with PCOS. Here are the best foods to eat while healing PCOS.

  1. High fiber and protein for controlling insulin resistance

    A diet that has nutrient-dense plant-based foods like beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, and soybeans is the best one for controlling insulin resistance. There are many Indian pulses that do a great job of controlling PCOD symptoms. Research proves that women suffering from PCOS are prone to developing type 2 diabetes. It happens due to high glucose levels and insulin resistance. Thus the PCOD Diet Plan must consist of Lentils and chickpeas.

  2. Healthy fats to keep insulin under control

    It is important to keep the PCOD diet as a zero cholesterol one. Getting essential Omega-3s is another important point to keep in mind while customizing the PCOD diet plan. Unsaturated fats help in balancing hormones and regulating insulin levels. Healthy fats can be added in the form of nuts and seeds that are filled with Omega-3 fatty acids.  A 2017 study published in Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes suggested that a diet supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids for 12 weeks can reduce testosterone levels and improve insulin resistance in women with PCOD.

    PCOD Diet Plan; top tips

  3. Add antioxidants to fight inflammation

    It is necessary to add antioxidants to control inflammation that is linked with PCOD. The easiest way to do it is by adding berries to the diet. Colorful berries are filled with antioxidants that are supposed to reduce oxidative stress and also control free radicals, that cause damage to the body. Berries also contain polyphenols, which are famous as a big help in weight, diabetes, and indigestion management. Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are the most common berries having the highest amounts of polyphenols.

  4. Add probiotics and healthy fiber-filled foods for gut health

    Women suffering from PCOD must add simple forms of probiotics to their regular diet plan. A recent 2020 study explains that the use of probiotics to treat PCOD is an easy way to keep things under control. Probiotics are the easiest way to regulate gut microbiota and treat various metabolic diseases, and abnormalities associated with PCOD. There are many dairy products that are filled with probiotics, and also various fermented vegan options like pickles, kimchi, and kombucha.

  5. Use whole grains to control carbohydrates and regulate blood sugar

    The year 2018 study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology provided evidence that women with PCOD are at a very high risk of getting type 2 diabetes. It is good to add whole grains like oats, Dalia or bulgur wheat, quinoa, and buckwheat or singhara Atta in the PCOD diet plan because they are slow in releasing carbohydrates. These whole grains have a “low glycemic index”, thus the sugar release in the blood is at a slower pace.

    If you are one who is suffering from PCOD, you must keep in view all the above-mentioned suggestions while planning your personal PCOD diet plan. In case you still need help, you can check our PCOD diet plan here…

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