Top 5 weight loss diet plan trends that are going to stay forever

Top 5 weight loss diet plan trends that are going to stay forever

weight loss diet plan trends
Let us talk about various diet trends that are vastly followed and going to be the most popular ways of losing weight and staying healthy.

Isn’t it amazing that every day there are so many new diet plans coming up online to help people struggling with weight loss? Some of them are sane while some are really insane ones. Let us talk about the top 5 diet plan trends that seem like staying for good.

1. Immunity strengthening diet plan for Covid times

One thing that has affected human beings’ outlook towards daily diet is COVID-19. All of us realized the importance of having a strong immune system to combat any kind of infection and virus. During COVID times one diet plan trend that became most popular was the Immune System Support Diet. It focussed on making dietary changes as per the guidelines provided by World Health Organization. The dietary guidelines by WHO during the COVID outbreak have laid stress on the importance of a well-balanced diet in order to maintain a strong immune system. This diet trend lays stress on including 4 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

This diet plan trend includes some superfoods to support immunity along with foods high in Vitamin C as well as Vitamin E. Beverages high in antioxidants, Vitamin D is also stressed on according to this diet. Here is a link to immunity-boosting during COVID-19

2. Keto Lite diet 

Keto seems to be the easiest way to lose weight especially if you are someone who loves non-vegetarian food. With everyone trying to follow the vegetarian version of the Keto diet, it has become the most followed diet plan trend with a tweak. This version is known as the Keto Lite diet. It is called Lite because this diet doesn’t force anyone to stay at zero carbs. It is all about eating high protein, moderate fat from high-quality fat sources. Of course, it stresses upon staying extremely low in sugars with nothing more than 4g net carbs. You can know how to calculate net carbs here… If you are following this Keto lite diet plan trend, then you need to stay on a gluten-free diet.

3. The Whole Foods Paleo Diet

This is one of the oldest diet trends and interestingly based on the foods consumed by the cavemen. It is also known as the food gatherer or hunters’ diet as it includes staples, like berries, seeds, nuts, and wild animal meat. In this diet, the source of protein is high-impact proteins, for example, grass-fed eggs, meat, and whey. Following the knowledge about cavemen that they did not do farming, the whole food paleo diet doesn’t include any food that grows using industrial farming techniques. Though it is a little difficult to follow this diet, yet people tweak it a bit and use this weight loss diet plan trend to lose weight and improve health. You can read about the Paleo diet here…

4. Intermittent Fasting diet trend

This is a way of eating by controlling calories. This diet trend is the most happening one these days. It involves eating food within a limited time span. This way of eating helps people lose weight by controlling mindless eating which has become the modern lifestyle.  To know more about IF or Intermittent fasting, check out the link here.  The most common way is using the 16:8 way as it is the easiest one. This is also a popular way of dieting as you can eat everything during your eating window. The dieters following this restrict their daily eating period to a strict 1-2-4-6- 8-hour long block and fast for the rest of time. Generally, it means skipping breakfast daily and early dinner with nothing at all strictly post-dinner.

5. DASH diet

DASH diet is supposed to be the healthiest diet plan for health-conscious people. This diet was created to control heart disease and high blood pressure. DASH actually means, ‘Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension’. This diet trend focuses on eating in a healthy way to reduce blood pressure, by cutting sodium. DASH diet is a regular way of eating with reducing sodium intake. It includes a healthy way of eating by consuming vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds, nuts, fish, and poultry.

So that was my list of weight loss diet plan trends that is surely going to stay for good.