Try These Tea Time Snacks If You Are On A Diet

Even though tea is something we Pakistanis are super duper obsessed with, no matter what time of the day it is. But whenever you hear someone say shaam ki chaye, our brain can’t resist the urge to meander around pakoray, kachoriyan, aloo bharay samosay and of course, jalebiyan. Regardless of how absolutely scrumptious they may taste next to every sip of your evening tea, you definitely know how obstructive they can be to your weight reduction objectives, harming your glucose and cholesterol levels too in the way. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you influence your shaam ki chaye to time a cantankerous undertaking. Keep in mind, starvation wouldn’t help, but binge eating later is far more atrocious. Pondering what to do? Maybe try substituting the rich and oily tea time snacks with some healthy ones may work.


Badaam Bread

Ever head of bread not made with wheat? Well, today you for sure would because this badaam AKA almond bread has almond milk as its key ingredient. This formula is a superior choice for those who have run out of eggs at tea time. It is a truly extraordinary bite, which tastes incredible and is packed with great nutritional value as well. It’s absolutely rich in protein as well as free of gluten and this implies that even those with an intolerance can appreciate it.


Tahini and Carrot

Really not as simple as it sounds, this one is a must try. The benefits of carrot are something we’re already aware of; Tahini is taken as a staple food component in many parts of the world especially regions in the Middle East. A very good source of protein, it’s very easily found in tin packaging or jars at cash and carry stores, having a creamy consistency it’s made from sesame seeds. But it can be made at home as well.



Now you might be wondering if this is a food item from Mars, but really it isn’t that complicated. Zucchini is none other than the maaroo vegetable, ask your mother about it if you don’t already know. It tastes delicious! But slicing it down for chips and shallow fry it in olive oil and salt, now that is something taken to yet another level. Sprinkle some paprika on top of them and say goodbye to appetite, slow metabolism and high blood pressure. And oh, once you are done shallow frying them for a while, bake them for half an hour. Yummy crispiness!


Apple Salad

Apple has the ability to keep you full for a longer period of time, so you wouldn’t find yourself craving for a meal after meal and one snack after the other if you chop up some apples with the skin and combine it with pieces of lettuce. Sprinkle some paprika, salt, lemon juice, pepper, brown sugar and drizzle some olive oil on top.


Mixed Nuts

Even better in this almost-chilly weather, stuff your hoodie pockets with kaaju, moong phali, akhrot and roasted badaam altogether and let your body benefit from some antioxidants. They are likewise rich in strands that guide weight reduction. Apart from providing you with some good cholesterol, munching on a modest bunch of nuts can do some great things for your heart as these nuts have high measures of unsaturated fats.