Win a bundle of low-calorie biscuits to help your healthy lifestyle

I am a big biscuit fan, I could quite easily sit and chomp my way through a whole packet of biscuits in an evening, could you? I think it is a combination of them being sweet and quite moreish! What are your favourite biscuits? Do you struggle to find any low syn alternatives?

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Biscuits on Slimming World

Biscuits have to be counted on Slimming World and enjoyed as part of your daily syn allowance. Generally, you are allowed 15 syns per day (exceptions explained here).

I have a big list of Slimming World syns for biscuits you can check out. A few examples are that chocolate digestives are 4 syns each, custard creams 3 syns and chocolate fingers 1.5 syns each.

Low syn biscuits generally are low sugar ones that have a higher sweetener content. Some are naturally lower in syns which is why my guide is helpful for many people. There is no reason to stop having biscuits on Slimming World, simply swap to lower syn options and have less.

Biscuits on other diets

If you follow Weight Watchers then the plan is similar but instead you count points for biscuits, check your Weight Watchers app for the appropriate values.

If you follow a calorie counting diet or something like fasting which involves limiting your calories then again you would be looking for lower calorie biscuits.

Some biscuits are again naturally lower calorie than others but again looking for sugar-free options can help.

Gullon Biscuits

This is why I recommend the Gullon sugar-free biscuits. They are great on a variety of diets and easy to buy on Amazon or from B&M. Not only that but they are not extortionately priced too, I hate it when low-calorie foods have silly high prices!

Gullon biscuits on Slimming World

These are the current syn values for the biscuits on Slimming World but please do check them yourself to be sure.

  • Gullon sugar-free chocolate chip cookies – 2 syns each
  • Gullon sugar-free Maria – 1 syn each
  • Gullon sugar-free Shortbread biscuits 1.5 syns each
  • Gullon sugar-free cookies 1 syn each
  • Gullon sugar-free fibre biscuits – 2 syns each
  • Gullon sugar-free plain digestives – 2.5 syns each
  • Gullon sugar-free vanilla wafers 2 syns each
  • Gullon sugar-free Dark chocolate digestives – 3 syns each
  • Gullon sugar-free chocolate wafers – 2 syns each
  • Gullon sugar-free wholegrain breakfast biscuits – 3.5 syns each.

Gullon biscuits on Weight Watchers

these are the current SmartPoints on the Weight Watchers app but please be sure to check yourself as these things can change.

  • Gullon sugar-free maria biscuits – 1 SmartPoint each
  • Gullon Zeroh! sugar-free digestive biscuits – 2 SmartPoints each
  • Gullon Zeroh! sugar-free choc chip cookies – 3 SmartPoints each
  • Gullon sugar-free Shortbread biscuits – 1 SmartPoint each
  • Gullon sugar-free dark choc digestive biscuits – 2 SmartPoints each
  • Gullon sugar-free vanilla flavour wafer – 1 SmartPoint each
  • Gullon sugar-free chocolate flavour wafer – 1 SmartPoint each
  • Gullon sugar-free fibre biscuits – 1 SmartPoint each

What can you win?

Would you like to win a bundle of biscuits? It is really easy to enter below and be in with a chance of winning one of 3 bundles to enjoy on whatever plan you follow!

The prizes are all the same with 3 winners each winning a bundle of 10 packets of Gullon biscuits. Check out the prize here.

How to win one of 3 biscuit bundles

If you want to be in with a chance of winning then simply click into the widget below and choose which entry option you feel suits you. There are lots of different entry options you can do and each counts for an extra entry.

If you already follow me on Instagram, for example, you can still use this as an entry option but still need to click this option and enter your username. This way I can easily verify the winners have completed the entry they say they have.

The winner is drawn automatically by the widget, I do not have any choice in who wins, sorry! What I can say though is the more entries you complete the higher the chance of winning you have!

The prize can only be sent to a UK winner so apologies if you live outside the UK this is open to UK entrants only.

Win a bundle of 10 packs of Gullon biscuits (3 winners)