Getting Married for the First Time at 51

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Kim Quick married for the first time at 51. In this episode, you’ll hear about the steps she took to go on her last first date!

Kim Quick was 40, never married and trapped in a cycle of dating unemotionally available men. Determined to break this pattern, she discovered the key reasons she hadn’t found her true love YET, took action, and found her amazing true love and married at the age of 51. She now shares this proven system with 1000s of women who are having success in finding their true love, too.

Married for the First Time at 51

Tell us about your romantic journey, being 51 and getting married for the first time.

I wanted to get married, and I had tried everything I thought was right. I dated men who didn’t want a commitment. I went on a quest to discover what the problem was. I looked at my childhood and uncovered beliefs about relationships. One was that I wasn’t important. I attracted men who didn’t make me important.

I also learned how to step more fully into my feminine. I took a break, went back online, and met my husband two weeks later. He treats me like a queen! We’ve been together for ten years, married for five. 

What are the two top things getting in the way of women finding love?

  1. The belief that we are flawed because we’re older, and men only want younger women.
  2. Fear and anxiety about dating 

What are the four secrets in finding and dating quality men online?

  1. Do the inner work to uncover your blind spots and limiting beliefs
  2. Be clear about what you want in a man and relationship
  3. Know the signs of a man who’s available for a long-lasting relationship…within a few dates. 
  4. Learn how to say no and ask for what you want…and see how he responds

What are the most important questions to ask yourself to determine if a man’s right for you?

  1. Does he respect your feelings and needs?
  2. Is he consistently asking you out and calling?
  3. Are you having fun?
  4. Is he financially stable?
  5. Is he honest?

Can you share a story of a client who transformed?

A 71-year-old widower came to me. She had been single for four years, had been on five online dating sites, but she couldn’t find love. We uncovered one of her beliefs, which is that she was too old. She had been settling for the wrong men. 

Through our work together, she found love.

What are your final words of advice for anyone who wants to go on their last first date?

Don’t give up hope. Persevere. And do the inner and outer work. 

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