Home Improvement Companies: Use Paid Search to Find Customers

roofer laying tiles for a home improvement project

As the weather turns nicer throughout the country, homeowners turn their minds toward home improvement. With more people working from home, homeowners are anxious to get outside and start their spring projects that will improve and beautify their houses and yards. 

Whether your business is garage doors, gutters, decks and patios, roofs, landscaping, or windows, spring is the perfect time to target homeowners actively looking for the best solutions for their homestead.

The challenge lies in finding those customers — matching online search results to your company’s products and services. Here’s what you have to do to find that perfect alignment.

Identify Your Customers

Home improvement specialists of all types face a very competitive landscape (no pun intended). While a lot of folks enjoy the do-it-yourself activity, others don’t have the time, ability or skills to handle home projects themselves, especially larger projects like deck building, roofing, or windows. 

Think about the specific types of customers you’re looking to attract to your business, and what they might be searching for when Googling. When you identify your target customers, you can shape and hone your efforts in attracting them. For example, are your target customers in a particular set of zip codes, or from a certain income bracket? 

Match Interest to Availability

Once you’ve identified your target customer base, consider what distinguishes you from your competitors — what will cause them to click a button or make a call to contact you? Do you have lower prices, a broad variety of services, or top-line products with an ironclad money-back guarantee? Do you offer bilingual workers or discounted rates for the elderly? Think about how you can stand above the fray and speak to the potential customers you’ve identified. When you combine your target customer with your strengths as a business, you’ve sliced out your niche. 

But how do you get their attention? How do you get them to convert from searching to sales?

Paid Search

With paid search results, you can tailor your advertising efforts to match your customers’ online behaviors, so you can appear at the top of their search results when they are online and looking for products and services you provide. 

BigWing’s paid search efforts include:

  • Custom ads — that match your brand’s tone and voice
  • Intelligent advertising — by time of day, during hurricane season, home and garden show, etc.
  • Targeted marketing to reach specific potential customer types:
    • By geographic area
    • By certain demographics
    • By income level
    • In different languages
  • Monthly packages — Cost-effective and comprehensive

Benefits of Paid Search

Paid search is less costly and has a broader reach than many traditional sources of advertising. With BigWing’s paid search, we can winnow down the noise on the internet and target specific types of potential customers who are online right now looking for your home improvement services. You focus on your business, and we work on getting you the customers you need to grow and thrive.

Contact us today to find out more about our home improvement paid search monthly estimates.